EastBay Works On-the-Job Training Programs Give Employers an Opportunity to Extend Training Budgets

Employers seeking a way to extend their training budgets should take a look at the various programs offered at the EastBay Works One Stop Business & Career Center. The center offers federally-funded programs for on-the-job training as well as other services.

On-the-Job Training (OJT) contracts can reimburse up to 50 percent of an eligible employee's basic wages while being trained on the job, for a period of up to 90 days.

"Not everybody has a big training budget, so this is a good way to make those dollars go further," says Mark Mithaiwala, business development manager. "The program applies to employees of all skill levels and can even be used for training when promoting from within the company."

There is also a great deal of flexibility offered in terms of the training the employee will receive. Companies with in-house training departments are eligible for the program, as are businesses that contract with outside training organizations.

"If a company wants to hire a number of people in a given department, we can work with Las Positas Community College to develop a curriculum," adds Mithaiwala. "Again, the employee salaries would be subsidized through the OJT program."

The center also offers a variety of other programs for employers, including applicant prescreening and recruitment, individualized employer job fairs, and outplacement services, as well as information on tax credit programs, the labor market, and more. Mithaiwala notes that many employer have expressed interest in their human resource consulting services, which include pre-employment testing. For additional information on OJT or any other program, contact Mithaiwala at (925) 417-2040 or m_mithaiwala@yahoo.com . The EastBay Works One Stop Business & Career Center is at 4125 Mohr Avenue, Suite K.

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