Huntington Learning Center Helps Students Excel

New Facility at Gateway Square Shopping Center Tests and Tutors K-12 Pupils

Huntington Learning Center, founded in New Jersey in 1977, offers children aged 5 to 17 years old supplemental instruction in reading, writing, mathematics, study skills, phonics, and related areas. "It's actually the oldest franchised learning center," says Tammy Freund, owner and director of the Huntington Learning Center in the Gateway Square Shopping Center on Hopyard Road. "This one has been in existence for eleven years. I've owned it for five." The Huntington Learning Center now has literally hundreds of locations nationwide. Freund's facility in Hacienda was formerly located in Stoneridge Mall and now occupies 2,523 square feet in the Gateway Square, nearly doubling in size.

"We do a diagnostic assessment to determine children's strengths and weaknesses, followed by customized programs to build basic skills," Freund says. "We have kids ranging from those who need enrichment programs to those with learning disabilities." The student then receives either three-to-one or one-to-one tutoring a few times a week focusing on the skills they need to improve.

The instructors for the Learning Center are certified teachers, with some teaching in classrooms as their primary job and working at the Learning Center for supplemental income. Many of the instructors are retired teachers who want to remain involved in education but don't want to be substitute teachers, or prefer the intimacy of an environment where they can really see the kids progress. "It's very rewarding work," Freund says.

Freund adds that the first term of school is a good time to get an idea of whether your child could use some extracurricular tutoring. "Considering that the first term is a review of last year, if parents are seeing any struggles or difficulty, they might want to look at getting their child some additional help before it gets to a point where they're not doing well in school." As an added incentive, if you're a parent who is also a tenant or resident of Hacienda, the Huntington Learning Center at 4855 Hopyard Road, Suite 3 in the Gateway Square shopping center will offer a $50 discount on the initial diagnostic testing.

Children who have learning disabilities aren't the only students seeking help at the Center. Many gifted children attend to learn the study skills they need to succeed. The Center also boasts a SAT preparation program for students getting ready to enter college. "We have kids that are going up 300 points from before they took our class to after they completed it," Freund says.

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