Community Health Charities Makes Donating to a Cause as Easy as Payroll Deduction

If you're one of the multitude of people who donates money to causes like fighting cancer or diabetes but just don't ever seem to find the time to write and mail a check, Community Health Charities of California may have a solution for you. The organization raises funds for its member health charities by conducting cost effective workplace-giving campaigns in federal, state, municipal, and the corporate sector throughout California. Typically, they can come to your office and set up a payroll deduction plan that works like any other deduction, including health care payments or federal taxes, with the funds going almost completely to each individual employee's charity of choice.

Established in 1971, Community Health Charities of California raises funds through workplace-giving campaigns to support the local California chapters of over 50 national and regional member health charities. The organization makes no decisions as to which charities receive funding, but leave that up to the donors. CHCC distributes 94% of every dollar designated to them in corporate campaigns, with no additional administrative fees of any kind withheld from member charities.

"We raise money for health charities like the Alzheimer's Association, The March of Dimes, St. Jude Children's Hospital, City of Hope, diabetes, cancer, lung, lupus, and other charities," says Kacey Herbst, president of the Community Health Charities of California. "What that means is that we go to the company, we ask to have access to their employees, and then we let them know what charities we are raising money for and ask them to contribute through payroll deductions."

It's up to the charities themselves to decide how the money will be used. CHCC is only involved in helping them raise the money, which is then used for things like patient services, education on any type of possible prevention, and research. "There are a lot of different treatments and cures that are coming onto the market these days," Herbst says. "That's due in large part to the research that's been done over the years that these charities provide with the money that they get from us and from other sources."

"We have materials and staff who are trained to talk to individuals and companies to explain to them how they can include Community Health Charities of California in their workplace giving programs," Herbst says. "It's a choice. There are many choices out there, but Community Health Charities focuses directly on health charities here in California."

To find out more about Community Health Charities of California, you can find contact and other information on the organization's website at or visit one of its five local branches. The San Francisco/East Bay office is located at 2363 Boulevard Circle, Suite C, in Walnut Creek, (925) 947-5771.

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