Top Companies Turn to TechRP for Temporary Staffing Needs

By George Walsh Network Editor

Hiring temporary staff can give employers the flexibility to increase their workforce when they need to and return to normal staffing levels when the extra help is no longer necessary. In addition, it releases companies from the burden of seeking qualified temporary help via interviews or providing benefits for employees who won't be with the company long term. Temporary employees also reap benefits from such an arrangement. They are given the opportunity to make themselves available when they see fit, along with experiencing the corporate culture of a number of different companies before deciding whether they want to seek permanent employment.

TechRP, at 5994 W. Las Positas Blvd., helps its client companies thrive by delivering a unique mix of consulting and staffing services in the disciplines of accounting and finance, information technology, engineering, life sciences, healthcare, and human resources. With headquarters in Brentwood, TN, and branch office locations here and in Portland Oregon, TechRP serves leading businesses throughout the U.S. TechRP is a Woman's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certified woman-owned business as well as a California PUC-certified business, which also provides it with a unique opportunity to work with utilities companies within the state of California.

"The market for temporary employees is slowly returning. Several companies are hiring temporary staff today because they do not want to pay what's associated with a full-time employee," says John Magagnini, TechRP's Chief Operating Officer. "Hiring a full-time employee is a lengthy and expensive process. If a company decides to hire a temporary employee from TechRP, we do a thorough reference check from the candidate's prior employers as well as a complete background check if the client requests it. TechRP takes all the steps a human resources department would in hiring someone for a corporation." TechRP provides medical insurance and a 401(k) plan to all employees.

TechRP serves more than 45 clients across the U.S., including gas and utility companies, biotech and life sciences companies, and well-known retail, financial and insurance corporations. In some cases, temporary employees provided by TechRP become permanent employees for their clients. "We also do direct permanent placement," Magagnini says. "The key to our growth is our flexibility with our clients. If a client decides to hire our temporary employee, we do not stop the process."

A close relationship with its clients is important to TechRP's success. "Our philosophy is to become an exclusive and integral staffing partner with our clients," Magagnini says. "Our account managers and recruiters work very closely with the hiring managers of our clients to understand their needs and objectives, their corporate culture, skill requirements, and other intangibles. This partnership allows TechRP to find the most suitable match for each client's personnel needs. While temporary employees may not be working in your organization for an extended period of time, the quality of their work can be every bit as important as that of your permanent staff. Confidence in their qualifications and abilities is not just reassuring - it's a necessity."

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