P3 Party Place Offers Parents Childcare on an As-Needed Basis

Innovative Service Also Provides Morning Preschool, Space to Host Weekend Parties

Finding qualified and safe childcare can be a challenge for any parent. Finding a childcare solution that not only makes parents feel secure but is something that children actually enjoy can be even more of a rarity. P3 Party Place, at 5688 Stoneridge Drive, strives to fulfill all of these needs for children who are from two to 14 years of age as well as their parents. As an added benefit, P3's services are available on an as-needed, drop-in basis.

"We basically offer three different services," says Christina Petrosky, president and founder of P3 Party Place. "We have parties on Sundays from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm. We have a drop in activity center that is open from 9:00 am to 9:30 pm Monday through Thursday and 11:00 pm on Friday and Saturday. We also have a preschool program in the morning from 9:15 am to 11:30 am. Whenever parents need us, they just have to let us know the day before they need us or even early on the day that they will be bringing their children here."

P3 Party Place has been in business since October 2004 and currently provides services for 50 children. The 2,300 square foot facility has a rock climbing wall, basketball hoop, karaoke stage, 25 feet of mirrors (in front of which Petrosky says the children dance), air hockey, and a reading/computer room where the preschool program takes place in the morning and older children can study in the afternoon. P3 also has a tea-party and "dress up" room where children can put on costumes to play the roles of princes, princesses and other characters. P3 Party Place is intended to offer children both teacher-organized and child-initiated activities in both group and individual settings. The center's activities are selected to promote socialization, listening skills and motor development. Every month, P3 provides activities that include science, arts and crafts, and sensory exploration. The idea is to make it a center for children to learn while they're having fun.

Petrosky stresses that her staff of four is both professional and experienced. "All of the people who work here have at least a bachelor's degree and are at least 30 years old. They have a history in early childhood education and have all had TrustLine background checks." TrustLine is California's registry of in-home child care providers who have passed a background screening. All caregivers listed with TrustLine have been cleared through a fingerprint check of records at the California Department of Justice and have no disqualifying criminal convictions or substantiated child abuse reports in California.

Petrosky initially started P3 Party Place to have a business that she enjoyed while being able to spend as much time as possible with her own three daughters. In fact, her daughters are the "P3" in her company's name. "I wanted to do something where my children could be with me all the time," Petrosky says. "I used to be a financial controller working on startup companies and the hours I spent on the job made me feel like I was missing out on a lot." Petrosky and her clients aren't the only ones who think that P3 Party Place is a good idea. Due to interest from others who would like to start their own Party Place, Petrosky is considering franchising in the near future.

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