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Whether you're already a Hacienda employee or resident or a prospective one, all the information you could ever want about the park is a few mouse clicks away at www.hacienda.org, the park's web site. Do you want to receive a free pass to ride the local WHEELS buses? Information on the local arts and entertainment scene? Details on in-park childcare options? A directory showing a complete list of park tenants? Discount coupons for Paramount's Great America, Six Flags Marine World, the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, or local sports teams like the Oakland A's and Golden State Warriors? All this and more may be found on the Hacienda web site at www.hacienda.org . This month, we'll take a look at the site and offer a brief summary of the information that can be found in each of its 13 main sections.

General Information

For questions on Hacienda's size, location, access, population, and even details on how the park is managed and maintained, the web site's General Information section is the place to go. The main sections and sub-sections under this category are:

- Description - Location - Land - Construction - Population - Valuation - Amenities - Access - Infrastructure - Services - Security - Housing - Childcare - Recreation - Developers - Management - Planning - Maintenance - Transportation - Security - Monitoring - Services - Relations - Region - Demographics - Economy - Community

Property Profiles

This section includes links to each of the buildings or complexes in Hacienda along with details on available space, the property's managers, and the broker that represents that property. This section allows lookup by address or by project name. A section on park features such as bus routes, bus shelters, canals, the Hacienda parcourse, and other features rounds out the Property Profiles area.

- Projects - Addresses - Features


Just like the key asset of any business is its employees, the key assets of Hacienda are the people who work and live here. This section includes a directory of tenants, including a special, up-to-date listing of those who have moved into the park in the last 12 months, and includes an interactive form where tenants can update their information in these listings.

- Directory - Recent Arrivals - Update Profile


Hacienda and its management organization, the Hacienda Owners Association, provide a host of services. This section provides a comprehensive list of the services offered to both park tenants and the general public, ranging from dry cleaners to free programs for Hacienda commuters.

- Orientation - Service Locator - Athletic Clubs - Banks/Credit Unions - Dry Cleaners - Entertainment - Hotels - Mail Services - Public Phones - Printers/Copiers - Restaurants - Commute Solutions - Free WHEELS Pass - New Rider Program - Transit - Carpool/Vanpool - Guaranteed Ride Home - Biking and Walking - Commuter Choice - Assistance - Security Services - Contact Security - Report Incident - Assistance - Childcare - Special Offers - Current Offers - Discounts - Submit Offer - Housing - Recreation


As a quick glance at the calendar on the back page will tell you, there are always a lot of activities going on in Hacienda and the Tri-Valley. This section contains the current Hacienda calendar as well as an interactive form to submit notices of new events and a link to Acteva, a web site offering ticketing services to local groups and events.

- Current Events - Submit Item - Acteva


Park contacts are just a click away. This section includes park e-mail addresses, a staff list, and details on contacting the Hacienda Hotline, pre-recorded messages on Transportation, Security, Business Services, the Hacienda Coupon Program, Park Development, and the Hacienda Network newsletter.

- E-mail - Staff - Hotline


Searching Hacienda's site for specific information is quick and easy. The site search engine performs a number of different searches based on keywords and methods of your choosing, so you can always find quickly whatever information you seek.


One of the prime reasons for living and working in the Bay Area is the tremendous quality of life available in the region. There are always things to do, things to see and experience, and people and organizations devoted to fulfilling your every need. If you'd like to see a play, go wine tasting, locate a business support organization, find out about local schools, get current transit information, or contact your elected representatives, the Resources section is the place to go.

- Arts/Entertainment - Guides - Groups/Venues - Area Attractions - Wineries - Business - Community - Development - Education - Elementary Schools - Middle Schools - High Schools - Continuing - Administration - Facilities - Government - Media - Security/Safety - Relocation - Transportation - Airports - Rail - Buses - Rideshare - Cycling - Walking - Taxi/Shuttle - Commuter Choice - Regional Programs - Utilities

Materials Hacienda provides printed information packets on a number of topics of interest to park tenants and residents, all of which are available at no charge. Whether you're looking to improve your commute or simply save some money, these resources provide value. - Orientation Package - Commute - Free WHEELS Pass - Carpool Pass - New Rider Passes - Rideshare Matchlist - Guaranteed Ride Home - Transit Package - Employer - Special Offers - Housing Information - Hacienda Online! - Publication Guides - Development

Hacienda Online!

Hacienda provides three different online publications free of charge: the electronic version of this newsletter, Hacienda Network, and the Hacienda Connection and Hacienda Community News e-mail bulletins. You can subscribe to any of the three or view extensive archives here. - Subscribe - Archives - Network - Connection - Community News - Submissions - Deadlines - Stories - Advertising

Site Map

This page offers a linked outline of the entire Hacienda web site and offers an "at-a-glance" look at everything that's available.

Slide Show

This page offers a stream of images depicting the park and the park's history. Originally prepared for Hacienda's 20th anniversary, this presentation offers a dynamic pictorial display of the entire Hacienda community.


Need a new browser? Software for viewing PDF files? The "Tools" page has everything you need to view all the content you'll find on the Hacienda web site.

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