PAC Offers Computers and Components for Everyone from Students to Professionals

Back in the beginning of the desktop computer revolution, end users had only a few options - all of which were extremely expensive. Nowadays, as these machines have become ubiquitous in our homes and offices, computers are available in nearly every market segment for every need. A student doing homework, for example, doesn't need the same high-end high powered equipment necessary to do computer animation work. PAC Computers, at 5990 Stoneridge Drive, specializes in the custom building and integration of computer systems, networking for mid to large sized businesses, and systems designed for home use. PAC also stocks, sells and supports the parts that are needed to keep all of these diverse machines up and running.

"We build PCs and workstations and are also an authorized reseller for Sony, IBM, and Toshiba," says Eqtedar Khan, one of the three partners who started PAC Computers. "So, we offer brand-name computers as well as custom-built computers. Another part of our business is that we deal in selling hardware. If someone is interested in building their own computer, we guide them so that they can do it on their own. We also do onsite network maintenance, web maintenance, PC repairs, and laptop repairs." In addition, the company has an online store at from which it offers computers and components to customers worldwide.

PAC Computers, now moving into its fourth year of business, has five people working in its Hacienda location and two others who work off-site. The company builds custom computers of all types ranging from super fast gaming machines, to student models, to any type of system needed in the corporate environment. "All computers have the same basic parts," Khan says. "They all have a mainboard [where all the parts connect], central processor, memory, hard drive, video card, and CD-ROM, but the difference between a computer used in an office and one used for video editing, for example, is the processing power, the memory, and the graphics power. That's where we can do customization to suit our customers' needs."

Khan says that it's not just the products the company offers, but its service that keeps people coming back. "We go the extra mile to make sure our customers are satisfied. If your service is good, you get references. We do very little advertising, so nearly all of our business is based on 'word of mouth.' For instance, if somebody has a problem and they can't come to us, we will send a technician to take care of them." Khan is also proud of the company's e-commerce site mainly because it also revolves around the PAC's dedication to service. "When you're buying computers or components on the Internet, you may be able to find a good price, but you don't always know if you're going to get the right product or a quality product. To support our website, you can call us up and ask questions that can save you money in the long run."

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