Quiet River Offers Land Surveying Services to the Tri-Valley

Whether you're plotting a parcel of land or building maps of telecommunications coverage, land surveying is a key issue. In fact, accurately surveying land before progressing with building projects can be important in avoiding future legal problems. If land surveying is something required for a project you're involved in, Quiet River Land Services, at 5673 W. Las Positas, may be able to provide just what you need.

"This company was started at the beginning of this year, but most of my staff have been working with me for about ten years," says Kevin McGuire, president and CEO of Quiet River. "I started out at a company specifically targeted at the wireless telecommunications industry, making maps and providing general survey services. After about four or five years, I wanted to grow the company and the owner didn't, so I moved on to a different company based out of Portland. I wasn't happy working in that particular environment and really preferred the feel of a small company. So, when the timing was right, I started my own company with a little change of focus. We're still doing work with the wireless telecommunications companies but we're trying to broaden our range to serve land developers. While large development companies have teams of people who help them with surveying and land-use issues, smaller companies and individuals don't. There are a tremendous amount of rules involved in land use and proper surveying that we can help them with."

In the future, Quiet River plans to provide a number of services related to land use, including complying with legal requirements, land planning, surveying, engineering, architecture, and even financing. Right now, the eight-month-old company provides general surveying and mapping, but has associates in the areas that it someday hopes to address on its own. "Our clients currently are the people who need surveying and mapping," McGuire says. "We provide those services for residential clients and commercial clients along with doing topographic surveys, property boundary work, and GIS (Geographic Information System) and GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) work." The company now has eight employees.

As for why Quiet River has placed its roots in Pleasanton, McGuire bases it on his own discipline. "I picked this location because I think Pleasanton is a great place. I like the way that developers and residents use their land, value it, and take care of it." McGuire is also proud of the staff of Quiet River. "I've got a great staff of dedicated and talented people who are really good at what they do. I think we have a good team and that's what I like best about my company."

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