Valley Spine Center Offers a Wide Range of Chiropractic Services

Health care and health services play a key role in the overall wellness of today's society. Those seeking chiropractic care as part of these services might want to investigate Valley Spine Center, at 4825 Hopyard Road, a relatively new Hacienda practice that has been in operation since June of 2004.

"My role is to detect and correct the areas of your spine that are out of alignment and are impairing your body's ability to function, thus producing pain and poor health," says Brian Brown, D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic), owner and primary treating doctor at both Valley Spine Center in Pleasanton and Brown Chiropractic in Milpitas. "We provide care for all ages and body types. Your body has an innate intelligence that is constantly working to produce optimal health. Our primary service is manual manipulation of the vertebrae to eliminate mechanical problems of the spine. We also have a low impact technique called an activator, on-site x-ray, and a work conditioning area to help patients stimulate the proper regrowth of the muscles and tissue around the injured area."

Brown is also certified to perform what is known as Manipulation under Anesthesia. Using this technique, patients who have extremely chronic conditions are brought to the Pleasanton Surgery Center and placed under anesthesia, where Brown says he is able to break down the scar tissue that forms from the improper healing of spinal injuries.

Dr. Brown's first career was as a realtor in San Jose. After seeing his mother suffer with migraine headaches for years and get great results with her chiropractor, he entered the prestigious Palmer Chiropractic College in 1982. After graduating in 1985, he began his new career as an associate doctor in Los Altos and opened his own practice in 1988 in Milpitas. In 1999, Brown and his wife moved from Fremont to Pleasanton, where they decided to open a second location. Between the two locations Brown employs 15 people overall, with three located in Hacienda.

"Our practice is extremely time sensitive, and family focused," Brown says. "We specialize in the treatment of work and auto accident injuries and we strive to help educate the Tri-Valley about the importance of spinal hygiene to achieve optimal health without the use of drugs or surgery." The Valley Spine Center offers a spinal care class free of charge every Tuesday from 6:00-6:45 p.m. Those interested in the classes should contact the Valley Spine Center at (925) 924-0920 to reserve a seat in advance.

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