United Global Financial Services Helps Clients Finance their Dream Home

For most people, buying a home is the biggest financial decision they'll ever make. In addition to finding the right place at the right price in the geographical area they want to live, finding the right mortgage can also be a challenging task. Choosing the wrong mortgage can end up causing homebuyers to spend thousands, if not tens of thousands, of unnecessary dollars on mortgage payments over the course of the years. In trying to make sense of the home buying puzzle, many people turn to companies like United Global Financial Services, at 3875 Hopyard Road.

"United Global Investments is a mortgage processing and a marketing company," says Moe Yousofi, part owner of United Global Financial Services. "We work with mortgage brokers, we find prospective home buyers, and we process the loans or real estate transactions for those prospects." In other words, the company helps mortgage brokers locate people in need of loans and helps buyers find an appropriate broker that offers loans that suit their needs.

Founded in January of 2004, United Global Financial has been involved with underwriting and funding loans for subdivisions and other projects, mainly in the state of California. Additionally, United Global has access to some pension funds and private capital available for funding special high risk/high return projects. While the company primarily focuses on securing residential home loans, United Global also provides services dealing with land loans, construction loans, commercial loans, equipment lease financing, agricultural loans, bridge loans (short-term loans used until a person or company can arrange more comprehensive longer-term financing), equity loans, and other types of loans. The company has around 50 employees working in its Hacienda office and another 35 located in its San Ramon office.

"We try to find our clients the lowest interest rates possible by taking advantage of wholesale rates," Yousofi says. "We work with over 150 different lenders and we shop all of the lenders for all of our clients. Most of these lenders don't even work with consumers directly. In fact, often, if you call them to ask them for a loan, they may even tell you to call us. In the case of people who are having trouble getting qualified for a loan, if they come to us, we often have access to 10 to 20 different loans that they could qualify for but couldn't locate themselves."

In a little over a year in business, United Global Financial has amassed a tremendous amount of mortgage and customer data to help clients make the right loan connections. "I would say that we've served over 10,000 customers to date," Yousofi says. "These include prospects, borrowers, buyers, and sellers. And our database is continually growing." If you're looking for a home, a buyer, or a loan, United Global Financial Services may have some information that can help you find what you need.

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