Completech is Growing Quickly, Both Here and in Asia

Hacienda Developers Take a Pioneering Role in Mobile Device Applications Revolution

Completech Inc.'s years of experience in providing technology solutions for businesses have helped it become a leader in the mobile applications solutions industry. This company, which made Hacienda its headquarters earlier this year, is growing rapidly in response to its development of cutting-edge applications that will revolutionize the mobile device industry.

"Our goal is to move as many desktop applications as possible to hand-held devices such as cell phones and PDAs," says Completech Inc.'s founder, CEO and President Zack Siddiqui. "These devices are becoming more and more powerful, and will eventually be an extension of a laptop. The applications we've developed and continue to develop will give mobile devices the same capabilities."

Completech's software engineers are working on applications that will allow cell phone users to access their company's database, server or intranet. "Most major companies have websites, but not all are accessible from mobile phones or are in a format that is easy to use," explains Siddiqui. Other applications being developed include the ability to project PowerPoint presentations from cell phones and utilizing optical character recognition technology so that scanned documents can be accessed and printed from mobile devices, to name a few.

"We are seeing a real interest in the mobile device business," says Siddiqui. "During the internet boom, every company needed a web site to be successful, but now it's the mobile device boom. The sooner businesses create a presence for themselves in the mobile device world, the more advantageous it will be for them. This industry revolution is just getting started and we're leading the way."

Completech partners with leading mobile software platform vendors including Symbian, Microsoft, and Blackberry. Applications are developed for multiple handsets including Nokia, Motorola, Palm, Sony Ericsson and others. "We have the expertise to deploy applications on various operating systems such as Windows Mobile, PalmOS, Blackberry, Symbian, and BREW," noted Siddiqui.

Completech prides itself in its ability to quickly develop application solutions. With software engineers in Hacienda and India, programmers and quality assurance engineers can work around the clock to complete projects. "We currently have 12 engineers in Hacienda and 10 in India with more being hired this month," explains Siddiqui. "The India office is an extension of the Pleasanton office. They work the same hours as we do here in Hacienda and even have Pleasanton phone numbers." The India office was opened just over two years ago so that Completech could offer clients more cost effective development options.

Though the development of mobile applications is Completech's main area of expertise, the company's Professional Services Group, which offers quality assurance and software development services, has been its focus for the past 13 years. Completech's professional services group recently worked with Hacienda tenant Bling Software, a developer of mobile web applications, to develop a platform for showing all types of rich media such as video, music and images on mobile devices. Completech, Inc. is located at 5960 Stoneridge Drive, Suite 204, at Chabot Road. For more information about Completech, visit its web site at , contact Zack Siddiqui at (925) 462-9600, ext. 101, or email .

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