Healthcare, Biotech Industries Depend on Altamont Solutions

Company's Custom Software Solutions Used in Dialysis Clinics, Other Settings

Since June of 2005, Altamont Solutions' employee base has grown here in Pleasanton, which resulted in their recent relocation from a smaller Hacienda office to a larger one at 4637 Chabot Drive.

"We've quadrupled our employee base in a short year and a half, forcing us to look for larger office space in the park," says Vice President of Business Development Judy Biviano Lloyd. "Believe me, the employees appreciate the legroom."

Altamont Solutions, Inc. offers custom software solutions to emerging and growing industries in the healthcare and biotechnology sectors with specialized software needs. Their current clients include the world's largest dialysis company and one of the East Bay's top 20 life science companies.

"Altamont Solutions created a data system for a blood treatment device that cleanses pathogens from blood," explains Lloyd. "We also created a tablet-based application for patient recruitment in dialysis clinics that is being used nationwide."

Of the many services Altamont Solutions provides, their Business Process Management tools and Workflow applications help clients complete everyday tasks more efficiently. They are able to focus on the important things that make a difference free from mundane processes that hinder achievement. "Currently our specialization is in the development of tools and processes used internally by our clients," explains Lloyd.

Other services provided by Altamont Solutions include design and architecture of enterprise-level applications, design and development of message-oriented middleware, asynchronous messaging, and Web services. The company offers database synchronization with remote medical devices and tablet PCs, as well as data analysis and data warehousing. They also provide data parsing, development of object-oriented, transactional, database applications, rapid prototyping and proof of concept services.

Lloyd explains that Altamont Solutions' specialized management and implementation team is dedicated to providing the tools and expertise necessary to fulfill each client's unique software needs. "From creating custom applications to integrating legacy systems, our company's flexibility enables our team to work efficiently with emerging industries. We meet their needs with specialized systems delivered on time and with expected results."

Though Altamont Solutions' products and services are currently targeted for the emerging industries of healthcare and biotechnology, they will seek to diversify their client base. "As Altamont grows, we will be looking at other emerging sectors of the economy and offering custom software and predictable results to enable them to do what they do best in serving their clients," adds Lloyd.

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