New Hacienda Offices Provide Central Location for Xerox

Local Personnel Serves Company's Customers Throughout the Pacific Region

For nearly two years, Xerox searched for the ideal location for its Xerox Services, Pacific Region, headquarters. At 4301 Hacienda Drive, the company found just that and moved in last August.

"The Hacienda location is perfect because a majority of the field office's 20 permanent employees live in the area as do many of the more than 100 virtual employees who utilize the office," says Senior Operations Manager Bill Byrd. "Just as importantly, the new Tri-Valley location affords us very convenient access to the San Francisco Bay Area-Central Valley where we have market representation throughout the entire area. Ample parking is a benefit to employees and close proximity to BART allows us to connect with our San Francisco office with ease."

Xerox's Hacienda field office serves customers throughout California, Western Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Pacific Region Vice President Julie Hogan and her team, as well as sales managers based in this location, provide technical and professional services along with sales support. The Managed Services operation provides labor and expertise to customers who operate Xerox equipment, manage mailrooms and also provides facility support, print setters, office solutions and more. Professional Services supplies analysts and training services for Xerox customers.

Xerox personnel from throughout the company use the Hacienda location when they are working with customers from this area. They also conduct training here, as this office is a regional training center for the Northern California area. "We have two technical trainers and a long list of equipment for both internal technical training and external customer training," continues Byrd. "This location also houses a 'demo room' for our wide-format engineering products where customers can see demonstrations and learn about the features and service we offer."

Xerox products range from its newest 100-page-per-minute, duplex, full-color iGen3(TM) product to small office Phaser(TM) machines that use a new dry ink wax technology. "The real focus of our industry today is the movement toward color," adds Byrd. "I like to compare it to TV. There was a time when a lot of people had black and white sets and just a few had color, which was very expensive. Now, everybody has a color TV and you hardly ever see a black and white set. We're starting to see our business make that same kind of transition.

"More and more of our customers see the benefit and value of color and its unique ability to get attention. They recognize that the use of colors, both full color and highlight color improve their end documents. Their own clients, in turn, see significantly increased response rates to color products and documents.

Another trend is the movement toward services. As often as it provides the equipment component, the company supplies both the labor to operate its equipment and personnel to manage customers' operations like mailrooms and production centers.

"Two acquisitions the corporation made this past year have enhanced our services strength. One is Amici, LLC, a premier outsourcing services company focusing on the legal market. The other, XMPie, specializes in software that uses Xerox equipment to provide one-to-one marketing technology, enabling our customers to pursue target markets," Byrd concludes.

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