CulverCareers Delivers Top-Notch Sales Professionals Nationwide

For companies wishing to extend a broad reach in search of talented sales professionals, CulverCareers offers timely, first-rate solutions. Established in San Diego in 1979 with one office and three executive recruiters, the firm now boasts a network of 27 offices and 200 professionals who specialize in sales recruitment throughout the United States. Conducting 5,000 candidate interviews monthly, CulverCareers' assures clients that they will interview only the best performers and the right people suited for each position.

CulverCareers recruits for every major industry, including high technology, pharmaceutical and advertising from its Northern California Regional Office at 5994 West Las Positas, Suite 201. A 15-year resident of Hacienda, the office now accommodates approximately 27 recruiting professionals who perform all the functions of a branch office while providing new CulverCareers employees with orientation and training.

CulverCareers believes that its competitive market intelligence attracts the best sales professionals available. For each client, the firm researches demographics, geographic parameters, and major employers locally, statewide or nationally to identify key candidate sources. The company networks with local governments, Chambers of Commerce, educational institutions and trade organizations as well as persons from within its existing candidate database to maximize word-of-mouth marketing and identify market trends.

"Following the detailed analysis and research, we create and manage an online recruiting effort for each position in each area," says Vice President Diane Wayland. "We sponsor client career listings and utilize the top three resume database sources online to reach active career seekers. Through creative advertising, database marketing and aggressive prospecting, our recruiters maximize our candidate selection pool."

In addition, CulverCareers taps into the inactive candidate sector by assigning a recruiting team to each search. The teams prospect non-client companies to identify top sales talent with urgent career needs. In most cases, this approach provides clients with a skilled candidate pool possessing related industry experience.

"We understand that a company's best recruiting weapon is speed and our comprehensive approach ensures that the amount of time to revenue and start-up training is minimized," adds Ms. Wayland. "Because the market is truly competitive, even the top firms in the nation need assistance in attracting comparable talent. We consistently deliver a strong candidate flow within days of starting a search."

As evidence of its speed in delivering, CulverCareers helped to transform one pre-IPO Internet technology company by developing its sales team of five people into a first-class sales organization of more than 100 persons, all within 18 months. "Our contributions made a notable difference," adds Ms. Wayland. "Currently that company is listed as a Fortune Top 10 growth technology company, with three of their four Vice Presidents placed by CulverCareers. They are now the established leader in their market."

Looking to the future, CulverCareers expects to continue growing its presence nationwide, opening up new offices from coast to coast. Detailed information about the company is available at .

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