Coming Soon: Decision Design-Branded Apps at the iTunes App Store

The employees at Decision Design's Hacienda office are deep in development mode as they advance the software maker's latest initiative: crafting new applications for the Apple iPhone.

In late May the company, which also has offices in Bannockburn, Ill., a suburb of Chicago, announced that it had chartered a new iPhone Application Division, centralizing the development resources for the iPhone and iPod Touch platform at its Pleasanton site.

''This is a rapidly expanding market that suits our core competencies of innovation and rapid time-to-market," comments Decision Design President Monty Davis. ''We believe that iPhone apps allow us to serve our corporate clients in new ways, bringing mobile metrics, system controls, and client self service to a whole new level."

The new division, led by Ed Mitchener, Vice President of Development, has built or is currently developing prototype apps that allow geographical search, camera/photo uploads, system metrics, video streaming, and incident management. Two high-profile, confidential products will be released soon.

As these apps are completed, they will be made available to the public through the iTunes App Store for use by anyone. "Our development team is excited to jump into this new technology," says Mitchener. "We have all the tools and experience to bring innovative mobile apps that use the great iPhone functions to our clients."

For the past 14 years, Decision Design has been developing custom software products for clients across diverse industries, from manufacturing, science, and engineering to human resources, finance, and consumer applications. With its expertise in a wide range of technologies, it has worked with companies of all sizes, from small startups to members of the Fortune 1000. Committed to delivering exceptional results, indispensable service, and significant added value, Decision Design has built a strong reputation as a custom software provider that completes projects on time and within budget.

Supported by its expertise in a wide range of technologies, Decision Design's success in rapid software development is due in part to its homeshoring business model, which relies entirely on resources based in the United States.

"Homeshoring is about bringing task-centric, cross-functional development teams together in small groups where our developers work in close proximity," explains Davis. "Homeshoring development centers are located away from the higher rent, higher labor areas of the country, providing significant cost savings. Our designers and programmers understand U.S. business, culture, and work ethics, and our homeshoring model requires minimal travel, labor, training, and project management costs that are often required in offshoring models."

Decision Design's reliance on homeshoring is in fact the result of previous experience sending certain development projects overseas to regions where labor costs are significantly lower. Ultimately, the quality, economy, and productivity expected from the arrangement did not materialize, and the company shifted its strategy. Homeshoring now "allows us to deliver savings from 30 percent to 60 percent below offshore development costs. And we are dead-on cost competitive with offshore or blended offshore/onshore companies," Davis remarks.

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