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Which companies moved into Hacienda last month? How big is the park's biotech cluster? Where is the nearest childcare center? What are the options for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? Where can I find information on the latest commuter-friendly initiatives?

One place provides the answers to all these questions, and more: www.hacienda.org .

As befits the park's world-class stature, Hacienda's website is truly one of those "everything you ever wanted to know" compendiums. Divided into four primary sections - General, Reference, Business, and Tools - the website provides details on a wide variety of topics, from where to address everyday needs in the park to the demographics of Pleasanton to how to get special discounts on area attractions.

The site features a directory of Hacienda businesses and details on properties within the park. It is also a centralized repository for information on the many amenities, services, and programs available to Hacienda employees and residents. Hacienda.org not only houses NETWORK's electronic archives back to 1997, but includes nine years of the park's previous publication, Pleasanton Pathways. The listing of the area's arts, business, and professional organizations is emblematic of Hacienda's connection to the local community and the wider Bay Area, and the monthly calendar displays everything from meetings of professional groups and volunteer associations to music and theater performances.

You'll find all the important details for every topic well described on the website, but here is a brief summary of the information that appears in each main section.

GENERAL: Introduction

A high-quality, mixed-use, master-planned development, Hacienda is the largest of its kind in Northern California. The park occupies 875 acres in a strategic location at the junction of two major Interstate freeways. Whether you're a first-time visitor or long-time park occupant, you can get a great introduction to what makes Hacienda one of the best working and living environments in the world. -Overview -Access -Labor -Support -Locale -Features

GENERAL: Project Overview

The businesses that have chosen to locate here represent the best and brightest of contemporary corporate America and include everything from small offices to regional centers to large campuses for company headquarters. The built environment currently encompasses over 10 million square feet of space, occupied by over 450 companies that employ approximately 18,000 people locally. The residential neighborhoods are home to some 3,500 occupants. This section offers details on the park setting, from a description of the park's infrastructure and sustainability initiatives to a list of the companies that occupy significant office or R&D space, segmented by industry. -Background Developers Users Management -Description Construction Demographics Land Map Population Valuation -Location Region Area Community -Infrastructure -Amenities -Economy -Sustainability Air Water Energy Waste Design Operations

GENERAL: Services

Hacienda provides a host of added-value services to both park tenants and residents. This comprehensive list describes the gamut of offerings, from commute programs to entertainment discounts to recreation options, inside and outside the park. -Commute Solutions Free Wheels Pass New Rider Program Transit Carpool/Vanpool Guaranteed Ride Biking and Walking Commuter Choice Assistance -Security Services -Childcare-Education -Special Offers -Housing -Recreation

REFERENCE: Property Profiles

This section contains information about specific Hacienda properties. Details like the size and management of any property can be accessed by selecting it either on the Hacienda map or by the list of addresses displayed on the Profiles page.


The newly reformatted Tenant Directory is searchable by business name, address, category, or date of arrival. All entries indicate when the business first became a Hacienda tenant. The section also includes an interactive form where tenants can update information and keep their listings current.

REFERENCE: Service Locator

Looking for great service? Look no further than right around the corner. You will find a variety of business and personal services to suit every need, all of them located right here in the park. The interactive Service Locator feature will tell you where to find service businesses in a dozen different categories (Banks, Child Care, Cleaners, etc.) on a map of the park. Clicking on a map icon displays a business description, physical address, and contact information.

REFERENCE: Presentations

In addition to a visual timeline that plots Hacienda's development from June 1982, when the city ordinance approving the first phase of Hacienda was passed, to the present, this page links to a slide show of Hacienda's landmark locations and events. The video options capture significant park attributes, such as access and infrastructure, which make it a premier working and living environment. -History -Slideshow -Videos


One of the prime reasons for living and working in the Bay Area is the tremendous quality of life available in the region. There are always things to do, sights to see, events to experience, and organizations devoted to fulfilling every need. Whether you'd like to see a play or go wine-tasting, find a school or medical facility, contact your elected representatives or obtain a list of the local media, make transit connections or establish utility service, the Resources section will point you in the right direction. -Community Arts Business Civic Service -Education Administration Continuing Elementary Schools High Schools Middle Schools -Entertainment Area Attractions Local Activities Organizations Sports Wineries -Facilities -Government County Federal Local Regional State -Health Facilities Services -Media Print Radio Television -Relocation -Security/Safety -Transportation Airports Buses Commuter Choice Cycling Ferries Paratransit Rail Regional Programs Rideshare Taxi/Shuttle Telecommute Walking -Utilities Power Telecommunications Water and Sewer

REFERENCE: Hacienda Online!

Hacienda provides multiple online information services free of charge. Pathways, Hacienda's first publication, established an important connection between the park and the community. The online archives comprise issues from 1983-1991 in pdf format. The NETWORK newsletter is a free publication printed monthly and distributed to 14,000 employees and residents within Hacienda. The searchable archives contain articles from 1996 to the present.

Hacienda Online! Connection bulletins present both archived and current information on Hacienda's services, amenities, programs, and events, while Hacienda Online! Community News bulletins provide a direct link to the local and regional community. Hacienda Online! Development Update bulletins include monthly summaries of project activity and the latest reports on Hacienda planning activities. Hacienda Online! Property Resource bulletins contain information on important aspects of property management within Hacienda, including details on park initiatives aimed at assisting owners in the management of their properties.

All newsletters and bulletins are sent out periodically via our free e-mail subscription service. To sign up, simply select the registration option on the introduction page, www.hacienda.org/ho/home.html . -Pathways -NETWORK -Connection -Community News -Development Update -Property Resource


As attested by a quick glance at the calendar on the back page of each issue of NETWORK, there is always something going on in Hacienda and the wider community. This section houses the electronic version of the current calendar, starting mid-month and going 30 days out. You will also find an interactive form to submit notices of new event listings.

BUSINESS: Networking

Find out how to join Hacienda Ambassadors, the welcoming committee that greets new arrivals, and participate in the special offers made to new tenants during these visits. Get details about the Hacienda Business Community on nuAlerts, a new free service that helps your business promote itself to other tenants and businesses online. -Ambassadors -nuAlerts

BUSINESS: Opportunities

Hacienda's referral program is a special resource for businesses seeking opportunities to connect with fellow park occupants. Bid documents and specifications for various contracts let by the Hacienda Owners Association can also be accessed in this section. -Referrals -Park Contracts

TOOLS: Contact

Park contacts are just a click away. This section includes park e-mail addresses, a staff list, and details on contacting the Hacienda Hotline, prerecorded messages on Transportation, Security, Business Services, the Hacienda Coupon Program, Park Development, and the Hacienda NETWORK newsletter.

TOOLS: Search

Searching Hacienda's site for specific information is quick and easy. The site search engine performs a number of different searches based on keywords and methods of your choosing, so you can quickly find whatever information you seek.

TOOLS: Order Materials

All kinds of materials, from Hacienda annual reports to its custom Emergency Procedure Manual to City of Pleasanton Development Information, are available to download. You can also make requests for other printed matter, such as the Orientation packet, which will be delivered to any valid address within the park.

TOOLS: Site Map

Here you will find a linked outline of the entire Hacienda web site and an "at-a-glance" look at everything that is available.

TOOLS: Privacy Policy

This page offers a comprehensive explanation of how Hacienda uses information gathered through its website.

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