Hacienda Ambassadors Welcome Newcomers, Inspire Sense of Community

Hacienda's convenient location, Class-A office accommodations, and beautiful natural surroundings continue to attract a steady stream of new tenants, from small start-ups to large, established companies. As with any move, the newcomers are usually so focused on settling in and keeping business on track that finding out about their new community often takes a back seat.

A special program enlisting current tenants to welcome new arrivals and acquaint them with park resources and amenities is now in full swing. Every month, a small group of Hacienda Ambassadors gathers for a round of brief "meet and greet" visits to new tenants. The welcoming committee comes bearing gifts - primarily a special packet of information assembled exclusively for the occasion.

The welcome package contains materials on park services, programs, and amenities available to tenants, along with guides to park resources and an up-to-date directory of the companies that call Hacienda home. The information is presented in a distinctive Hacienda folder that also serves as a tangible reminder of the value afforded by the location each time the contents are accessed.

Park businesses are invited to supplement these materials with promotional offers of their own, targeted specifically for newcomers. The offer can take any form-free trials and discount coupons are popular options - and will only be given to new Hacienda tenants as part of the welcome package. Not only is this a great way to introduce products or services to new arrivals, but it also helps expand the sense of community within Hacienda. "Many companies are here because of the proximity to neighbors who may be vendors, clients, or consultants. The ability to network is part of the appeal of the park," comments Hacienda Owners Association General Manager James Paxson.

Hacienda businesses need not participate in newcomer visits in order to extend a special offer, nor are there any special requirements for joining the Ambassador group. Those interested in being a part of the outreach effort can find more details on the park's website, www.hacienda.org , by selecting the Networking option from the BUSINESS menu on the left, or by contacting the park office at (925) 734-6500.

The fastest way to order Hacienda Ambassador materials is by using the online form, but they can also be obtained by phoning the Hacienda Hotline, (925) 734-6550. The Hotline also provides an audio listing of other park services and programs. A comprehensive listing of business materials may also be found on our web site in various sections under Resources. A printed version of park programs, along with ordering forms for program materials, can be obtained by requesting a Hacienda Program Guide from the park office. Stop by 4473 Willow Road, Suite 105, or call (925) 734-6500.

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