Breastlink Brings Specialty Practice to the Tri-Valley Region

Physicians Join Forces to "Develop Personalized Treatment Aggressively Target Cancer"

With the January opening of Breastlink in Hacienda, Tri-Valley residents now have convenient access to a specialty that had been missing from the local medical mix. The practice, at 5924 Stoneridge Drive, supports the work of three nationally recognized doctors devoted exclusively to breast surgery: Dr. Lisa Bailey, Dr. Jon Greif, and Dr. Lana Louie. All are Fellows in the American College of Surgeons and frequent speakers at international breast cancer conferences.

"Breastlink is part of a unique network of centers in California specializing in the comprehensive treatment of breast cancer," notes marketing representative Carolina Gordils. "The surgeons' sole focus is on breast care and developing personalized treatment plans for patients to aggressively target cancer."

Unlike general surgeons, who split their focus between many different procedures, the Breastlink surgeons concentrate only on diseases of the breast. In addition to its specialty expertise, the office offers the advantage of same-day services, including mammograms with additional views; an ultrasound, if indicated; a review of all test results; and a personalized plan of action.

The practice is very sensitive to the anxieties experienced by women who are facing the prospects of a breast cancer diagnosis.

"Our services reduce the sleepless nights of newly-diagnosed women. We are here for them with information, options, and an immediate treatment plan," Dr. Greif advises.

According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the second most prevalent cancer among American women (skin cancers are the most common), with approximately 207,090 new cases diagnosed in 2010. The statistics, however, are becoming increasingly positive. Not only have death rates been declining since 1990, but studies indicate that incidence rates decreased by roughly two percent per year over the period 1998-2007. "At this time there are over 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in the United States," the Cancer Society's website reports.

Breastlink's strong emphasis on education helps to equip patients in their efforts to overcome the challenging medical condition. "Many women feel helpless and even hopeless when first diagnosed with breast cancer," Dr. Greif points out. "You can make a difference. By your own involvement and empowerment, you can have a big influence on the type of treatment you receive. You are not responsible for getting breast cancer, but you must take some responsibility for receiving the best care for you."

For more information, visit ; for an appointment, call the office at (925) 225-0138.

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