Status Nightclub Offers Vegas-Style Sophistication in Upscale Setting

Status is the place to be Wednesday through Saturday nights.

Hacienda's strategic location at the intersection of two major freeways is convenient not just during the workday but for nightlife as well. That easy access is just one of the features attracting crowds to Status nightclub, which opened at 4825 Hopyard Road last fall.

"We love the central location, just off the Stoneridge exit," says Danny Van Lairon, director of marketing and VIP services for the club. "It's easy to direct people here, easy to find, and when you are running a mass-market nightclub, that is really advantageous."

What customers encounter when they get to the club is just as important, and Van Lairon indicates that a great deal of thought and attention were paid to the decor, amenities, and level of service.

Divided into three rooms, the 10,000-square-foot space features two dance floors, flanked by cabanas that can be reserved for groups and special events-birthday and corporate parties, for example. The cabanas, like U-shaped restaurant booths but affording more privacy with their three-sided enclosures, are a particular point of pride for Van Lairon. Providing seating for up to 14, they serve as a "home base" for patron groups for the evening, he explains.

"It's nice to have a place to sit down and put your things, so you're not just wandering around the club. It's a central gathering place, your own 'real estate' for the night," he points out. The VIP cabanas come with flat screen tvs that play graphics and videos mixed by the DJs and audio engineers. The cabanas glow from the color-changing LED lighting, adding "extra sophistication to the night life," Van Lairon notes.

Status's minimum bottle purchase policies demonstrate its sensitivity to the economics of an evening of clubbing. "For parties or when you're out with a large group of friends, reserving a cabana is the route to go. Per person costs are less than buying drinks at the bar.

"We have all the things people want in a club - a stylish, intimate atmosphere where you can converse with friends, along with a high level of customer service," Van Lairon continues. "People go out these days to enjoy others' company, and we've paid attention to all the details, from the way the cabanas are constructed to the music levels, making sure the highs and trebles aren't piercing or the base is not so loud that you can't have a conversation. We have created an upscale adult atmosphere to hang out in."

Nightclubs are about entertainment as well as socializing, and a line-up of names well known to its demographic rotates through the venue every week. "We have DJs, live performers, and celebrities from Los Angeles and Las Vegas that are very popular with our customers," Van Lairon comments.

Status is in full swing Wednesdays through Saturdays until 1:30 a.m. On Wednesday and Thursday nights, doors open at 10 p.m; on weekends, they open at 9 p.m. For performer schedules, reservations, and other information, visit .

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