eAdGear Aims to Make Big Internet Splash

International Scope, Attention to Detail Promise to Take Company to the Top

Once again, Pleasanton's quality location has succeeded in luring the fledgling operations of a high-tech start-up to Hacienda. In addition to the multitude of amenities, eAdGear sees plenty of growing room in the park, space that will be essential if all goes according to plan for the new Internet platform developer.

eAdGear has created an easy-to-use, all-in-one software toolkit that allows small and mid-sized companies to build a website, then advertise and sell their products online, on a global scale, at a very affordable cost.

A company spokesperson provides an example of the power of this new application. A small Chinese company, with fewer than five employees, has been producing a brand of tea that is very popular in its home country. "They knew there was a large Chinese population in North America, but they couldn't figure out how to reach them," he says. "They bought one of our programs, chose a domain name, generated a website, and started to advertise and sell their product. Within a couple of weeks, sales just went through the roof. Now they have more business than they can handle."

Everything is on a fast track for eAdGear. Its first launch, in Asia, occurred on December 27, 2010. "On December 28, we were profitable and have been self-funding ever since," the spokesperson observes. How did it grow so fast? "Our software is very robust and offers a great user experience. We started with a few people who bought the program. Word-of-mouth created a waterfall effect, and usage shot up dramatically."

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the keys to success. eAdGear's pre-established relationships with major search firms enable its customers to benefit from a much higher ranking than they could secure on their own, at a dramatically reduced cost.

eAdGear's emphasis on compliance offers another critical advantage that distinguishes it from many other contenders. Its compliance office diligently follows all the laws and regulations for Internet commerce in every country in which the company operates. "It is very similar to meeting ISO requirements," the company explains. "The Internet has so many opportunities for fraud, so we have a comprehensive compliance infrastructure to safeguard all data."

The Hacienda headquarters opened in the middle of March, the result of a very deliberate decision. "This area is the software capital of the world, and for us to build our product successfully from the bottom up we have to attract a certain type of talent. Pleasanton is still part of the Silicon Valley culture, but it is also a great place to live and raise a family. Hacienda offered everything we needed - the quality of the building, security, access to public transportation, and room for growth, among other things."

Inspired by the prospect of eventually taking over a much larger share of the former PeopleSoft complex, the company is also looking forward to another expansion, the June 1 opening of a customer call center in Destin, Florida, another community chosen for its strong family orientation. "We expect eAdGear to be the next big Internet splash," the spokesperson concludes.

For more information, visit www.eAdGear.com .

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