November Business Bits

  • Simpson Manufacturing Co., Inc., a publicly-traded company headquartered in Hacienda, has agreed to purchase Swiss corporation S&P Clever Reinforcement for over $60 million. S&P Clever manufactures and sells engineered materials for repair, strengthening, and restoration of concrete and masonry construction and has operations in Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Poland, The Netherlands and Austria. The company's products complement those of Simpson Manufacturing's Simpson Strong-Tie subsidiary, which designs, engineers and is manufactures wood-to-wood, wood-to-concrete and wood-to-masonry connectors and fastening systems, stainless steel fasteners and pre-fabricated shearwalls. The transaction is expected to close in January 2012.
  • Hacienda's Veeva Systems, a software company that provides customer relationship management software to life sciences companies, has launched a new application called Vault PromoMats. PromoMats enables Veeva's customers to manage every step of the promotional material life cycle: from concept and strategy, to the association of claims and reference documents, to medical, legal and regulatory review, to piece distribution and finally withdrawal. PromoMats is built on the Vault Platform, a cloud-based multi-tenant architecture built from the ground up to meet industry regulatory and validation requirements.

    "Vault PromoMats is an exciting new product that fills an often unmet need in life sciences," said Mary Olesen of Collaborative Consulting, LLC. "By combining true end-to-end support for promotional materials management with cloud-based collaboration capabilities, PromoMats will help organizations to better manage and share their promotional content."

  • Hacienda-based Polycom, Inc. is being joined by Sabre Travel Network to develop the first global reservation system for booking and scheduling public and corporate-owned HD video conferencing and telepresence rooms. When integrated into travel applications such as online booking tools or travel agency systems, employees, agents, travel arrangers, and other travel buyers will be able to reserve and schedule video conferencing rooms at the same time they book flights and hotels. Sabre Virtual Meetings will allow users to locate, reserve, and connect public and corporate-owned video conferencing rooms and set up "face-to-face" HD video conferences with colleagues, partners, and customers anywhere around the world.

    "Advances in technology have changed the way we live our lives and run our businesses," said Greg Webb, president of Sabre Travel Network. "Sabre Virtual Meetings will create a step change in the way corporate employees communicate and collaborate with each other and their customers. By making telepresence scheduling as simple as booking airline travel, Sabre and Polycom will help companies and employees form closer relationships with customers, enhance internal collaboration and increase productivity."

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