Byers Engineering Prospers with Explosive Growth in the Wireless Industry

Founded in 1971, Byers Engineering is a national firm that provides engineering services to the telecommunications and utility industries. Its teams are actively involved in a wide range of projects for the giant national carriers as well as for mid-sized operations. The company earns its customers' business through its engineering expertise and its cost effectiveness. Byers' Pleasanton office, at 4637 Chabot Drive, serves as the West Regional Headquarters, while the home base is in Atlanta.

It is very obvious that the face of telecommunications has changed, with an abundance of capabilities that were "not even possible a short while ago and yet almost taken for granted today," observes Richard Valladao, Byers Western Region Vice President. The industry is "frantically" trying to keep pace with the explosion of wireless users and the amount of data being transmitted wirelessly, he relates.

People now expect to be connected at all times through their smart phones and tablet devices, and clients are now upgrading the infrastructure needed to support this, including the fiber cable and the communications equipment, Valladao points out.

"This has created a dramatic shift in our industry and in our business," he notes. "Our challenge is to make sure that our service offerings are aligned with these new expectations and technologies. It is an exciting time to be in this business."

The firm's broad range of engineering services make it unique. "We are one of the few firms offering traditional wireline, architecture and engineering (A&E), and site acquisition services all under one roof. By combining large-company reliability with small-company flexibility, we are optimally positioned to be a one-stop full-service provider."

Byers works with some of the largest telecom and utility companies in the country. "We also support private carriers and local cable companies," Valladao continues. The company's long-term commitment to a customer-focused approach is reflected in the fact that today it is still doing work for its very first client, New York Telephone Company, now Verizon.

Valladao emphasizes the full scope of the company's capabilities. "We work with wireline carriers to build the fiber 'backbone' and with the wireless carriers to identify the best cell site candidates. We also complete the permitting and zoning work that is necessary. Our experienced CAD drafters create the drawings needed for zoning and construction. We have Project Managers who make sure all the key milestones are met."

The population of Byers' 8,000-square-foot Pleasanton office fluctuates according to project status. Currently some 15 employees handle functions from producing CAD design drawings to project management, billing, and payroll processing. Several more work offsite. Overall the company has about 750 employees across the United States.

Even though a dedicated local area network links the branch to its largest client, Valladao appreciates the physical proximity to clients offered by its Hacienda location. "It makes it much easier to meet with people face-to-face," he comments. "The old- fashioned way of communicating with people sometimes is still the best way."

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