Riiwards.com Customer Loyalty Program Is Flexible, Economical, and Profitable

The concept has proven itself - customer loyalty and incentive programs boost sales. The challenge for many merchants has been finding a program that is easy to use, economical, and profitable, all at the same time.

Now Hacienda businesses have a special opportunity to participate in a localized rewards program that delivers on all three counts: Riiwards.com.

"The Riiwards platform is an online customer loyalty and incentive program designed to help businesses grow profitably by offering frequency rewards and incentives to their local patrons," explains founder and CEO Uday Walia. "Our platform has been tested with many merchants and they all are reporting improved sales and bottom line."

The program has several distinguishing features that make it attractive to local businesses. Thanks to Riiwards' flexibility, merchants - and not the deal platform - have control over their offerings.

They can select the exact type of customer communications, rewards, and incentives they want to make available. A restaurant, for example, might want to offer a free drink with a meal purchase. Another merchant might want to set up a discount program for repeat buyers. Customer rewards for referrals, birthdays, anniversaries, etc., are all easy to implement with a simple template on the Riiwards.com business owner portal. Notices about special events and promotions can be sent out to customers in a variety of formats - text, email, smart phone, social media-personalized with the business owner's logo or special message.

"Riiwards gives merchants control over the incentive to be offered, number of incentives to be sold, the frequency, expiration date, etc.," Walia emphasizes. Local retailers typically operate on narrow margins in their effort to be price-competitive with their larger counterparts. "Traffic doesn't always translate into profits. The point is to attract customers without sacrificing a stable bottom line. We aim for sustainable and consistent revenue growth, instead of giving revenues away."

Customers can sign up for the Riiwards program online or on-site when they make a purchase simply by providing their email address or phone number to the server or cashier. When their names are entered into the system, they are immediately enrolled in the program. The system then automatically sends out rewards by email or phone every time they visit, or as specified on the business owner template.

Specifically designed for local communities or affiliations where merchants have a built-in buyer base, such as Hacienda or a Chamber of Commerce, Riiwards.com invites park businesses to get acquainted with the program through a special introductory offer. Hacienda tenants get a $10 per month discount, plus if they sign up before June 30th, they will get the first two months of the service for free. Riiwards.com pricing is based on the number of customer email addresses in the program, with a floor of $19.95 per month for the first 2,500 email addresses, and a ceiling of $39.95 per month for more than 5,000 email addresses.

It is also very easy to get started. "We do all the set up, post the deals, work with merchants, and distribute funds," Walia says. "The communities take on the responsibility of communicating the program to their members."

For more information, go to www.riiwards.com and www.hacienda.org/business/business_networking_riiwards.html .

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