Software Consultants at Veear Projects Deploy Turnkey Solutions

Raj Khaware, Ph.D., is president and CEO of Veear Projects.

Veear Projects Inc. is a rapidly growing custom development and IT outsourcing firm. "We do software consulting, staff augmentation, and software development projects on an outsourced basis, and then deploy them turnkey for our clients," explains Raj Khaware, Ph.D., president and chief executive of the company, located at 4695 Chabot Drive.

The decade-old firm is most active in the areas of biotech, healthcare, financial services, and IT, but has also been engaged in high-tech, manufacturing, and retail sectors.

The projects Veear executes represent critical areas for its clients. For example, one project Khaware is personally overseeing involves building the laboratory information management system, or LIMS, for the Redwood City firm Medarex, a Bristol Myers Squibb subsidiary. Medarex makes antibody-based anticancer drugs, and the LIMS enables its lab scientists to keep track of the antibody proteins, which are raised in mice. "Knowing which protein comes from which mouse is a mountainous task," explains Khaware. "There are thousands of proteins, and you have to know which one is more effective at curing cancer." Veear personnel built the software that allows the lab to track the populations of mice in which the various antibodies are based, "mapping all the right dots together."

Veear is often called on to help as a client transitions its business processes. The firm has handled several systems integration projects in the financial services industry, for instance when clients like Capital One and ADP acquired smaller companies or new business units and had to blend them into existing operations.

Throughout, the firm's major selling points have been its expertise, flexibility, and the solidity of its team. "We are a small, nimble company with a high level of credibility and a strong reputation," says Khaware. He notes that several larger organizations do the same kind of work, but because of their size they are "harder to move," and clients have to "push harder and wait longer" for things to get done. "That's a distinct advantage for us, because we respond very quickly, plus we have the skills to give a great value."

Veear was originally established in Massachusetts and then expanded to the Bay Area in 2004, and to Hyderabad, India, where it maintains a substantial offshore development campus. After a stint in Marin, Khaware moved the office to San Francisco, and then to the Tri-Valley to have easier access to "the theater of action," Silicon Valley. He had been a tenant at Padit Lathi's executive center in Dublin, so when Lathi opened Pleasanton Business Solutions in Hacienda, Khaware made the move along with him in 2011.

The business climate has been hospitable over the past year and a half, Khaware reports. Veear can have as many as 100 to 125 employees dispersed among its diverse client base at any one time. With year-over-year business continuing on an upward trajectory, "we are really busy, which is a good problem to have," he observes.

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