Level 3 Offers Extensive Fiber Optic Communications


Level 3 Communications keeps businesses connected to the world through an expansive network that can transmit almost limitless amounts of data and voice communications.

"Level 3 is a fiber-optic based communications provider targeting enterprises, carriers and government agencies," Dave Ellebrecht, general manager for the East Bay market, explained. The company provides "communication solutions which incorporate voice, data and Internet services."

The company also provides the various services that wrap around those communications, such as security and applications for video communications.

The Colorado-based communications leader acquired tw telecom in late October of last year, forming a company that offers expanded services to customers.

"Now, we're a much larger and more comprehensive organization, but still providing that local connection they've enjoyed and used over the years," Ellebrecht said.

The company has served Hacienda since the mid 1990s, first as Time Warner Cable and then as tw telecom.

"We've been operating very successfully and delivering to our customers in the business park," he said. The acquisition by Level 3 "really extends the portfolio in that we can offer more services to our customers and reach more locations around the globe. In particular, it extends our global reach."

While tw telecom serviced the United States, Level 3 services the world.

"We're in 500 markets in 60 countries around the world," Ellebrecht said.

TW Telecom's longtime office in Hacienda is now a network hub for Level 3.

"It's where we collect the information that comes from customers," he said. "All the traffic comes back to our network hub and then connects back to the larger Level 3 network that connects them to anywhere in the world."

Currently, Level 3 has 100 Hacienda business customers, but that number is growing.

"We've been operating in this area for quite some time and continue to have great success with both large companies as well as healthcare providers, software companies and financial service institutions," Ellebrecht said. "A key part of what we do as a business is constantly expanding our network into more and more commercial buildings and data centers."

Last year, Level 3 added roughly 100 Bay Area companies to its ever-expanding network, linking those buildings directly to the extensive network.

The company already has fiber optics running to many locations in Hacienda, making it easy to add other buildings as demand grows.

Offering fiber-optic communications in a building "is an amenity for building owners and managers to attract tenants," he said. "When a tenant comes in, they have good choices for communications providers."

While Level 3 competes with other communications giants around the globe, Ellebrecht insists his company offers a more competitive price along with high-quality products and stellar customer service.

"A key focus of Level 3 is what we refer to as customer experience," he said. "It's really around the service and support - bills that are easy to understand, fixing things when they break, delivering services when customers need them. Many times, customers might open a new facility in another city, so it's very important that those services be in place when they open."

"Being able to deliver those services on time is something that we do," he added. "Customers need to have that kind of reliability and predictability within the network as well as within the organization."

Learn more about Level 3 at level3.com .

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