Cardio Barre Brings a Dancer's Workout to Hacienda

Ballet-Inspired Classes Improve Tone, Fitness

Ballet dancers are renowned for their remarkable grace and fitness, and now Cardio Barre is bringing a specialized, ballet-inspired workout to Hacienda.

"It's our goal to make you feel like a ballerina, even though you don't have to be one to go to Cardio Barre," says Pleasanton studio owner Nick Wen, himself a former dancer and gymnast. "Everything about the workout is no impact, so it's really good for people with back pain or joint problems. Even the floor is rebound padded, so there's no significant impact from jumping, for example. It's designed to work your muscles and not your joints, and a lot of workouts like cross-fit or mixed martial arts don't do that."

While you do not have to be a ballet dancer to take classes at Cardio Barre, you will have to be one if you want to be a Cardio Barre trainer. "All of our instructors have at least four years of professional ballet experience," Wen says. "One of our instructors in Pleasanton performs with the Menlowe Ballet and another performs with Oakland Ballet. That's why I love this class - it's so unique and it's so specialized."

Cardio Barre's core techniques were created by Richard Giorla, a dancer and choreographer with over 30 years of experience in New York and Los Angeles. Following a hip injury that ended his dance career, Giorla saw the need for a high-energy workout offering cardio yet without the impact on the body. Taking his passion for both dance and fitness, he designed a workout that combined the two and created what is now Cardio Barre.

Three levels of classes are offered: Intro, Beginner, and Advanced, with sessions currently available in mornings and evenings. "You get everything out of your workout," says Wen. "It combines a cardio workout with a toning workout, so it saves people a lot of time." A typical class consists of 40 minutes of exercises at the barre, 10 minutes working on abs and arms, and 10 minutes of stretching and cool down time. "The advanced class works at a slightly faster pace, with some different ballet moves for more calorie burn," he adds. "We have more moves than any other barre workout there is - we have over 500 moves."

While the studio opened on May 28, the official grand opening will be held in August, with an expanded schedule of classes, special events, and a visit from Giorla, the Cardio Barre founder, who is also expected to teach a special session.

As part of their opening, Cardio Barre is offering a special discount for Hacienda employees and residents who are also first-time visitors to the studio. The Hacienda discount allows park employees and residents to sample a class at no charge, and also purchase their first month's classes for $89.00. Without the discount, classes are normally $20 each, with a 10 pack available for $190 or a month of unlimited visits for $159. Details on how to redeem the Cardio Barre discount are available on Hacienda's web site, , in the Special Offers section under the Tool menu.

Cardio Barre's Hacienda studio is located at 5688 Stoneridge Drive, in the Hacienda Plaza. Call (925) 621-8610 for information or access .

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