City of Pleasanton Offers Workshops for Students Transitioning to Middle, High Schools

Some of the most critical times in a child or young adult's life are the years changing schools. Moving from elementary to middle school and, later, from middle to high school means changes in location, potential peer groups, and curricula, among other things. Knowing a little about what to expect can help kids adapt to their new environment and excel.

That is the idea behind two workshops being offered on Wednesday, April 27 at the Pleasanton Public Library. From 4:00 to 5:00 p.m., students and families of 5th grade students are invited to a panel discussion about the successful transition from elementary school to middle school.

"This workshop will provide information, tools and resources for families of 5th grade students. The panel will include middle school students, middle school parents, a pediatrician from Kaiser San Ramon, and an administrator from the Pleasanton Unified School District," says Andrea McGovern, Community Education Program Lead, City of Pleasanton Community Services. "Families will get their questions answered regarding the social experience of moving on to middle school, work load and homework, friendships, and much more."

After the "Transitioning into Middle School" workshop, the evening will continue with a second seminar, "Transitioning into High School," from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the same location, the Pleasanton Public Library. "Transitioning into High School" will cover a variety of topics - including the social experience of moving on to high school, work load and homework, friendships, and preparing for college - all tailored to 8th grade students and their families as they prepare for the move into high school. "Students and parents will hear from a panel that includes high school students and parents, a pediatrician from Kaiser Permanente, and PUSD representative," says McGovern.

Both events are free but registration is recommended. To sign up for "Transitioning into Middle School," go to and enter course code #61606. For "Transitioning to High School," use course code #61607. For additional information or assistance with the registration process, please email or call (925) 931.5359. The Pleasanton Public Library is located at 400 Old Bernal, adjacent to City Hall.

The Community Education Series is a monthly event that takes place throughout the school year with workshops geared towards adults and students in the community. The Series was developed by the City of Pleasanton Community Services staff in conjunction with the Pleasanton Youth Commission to meet the goals outlined in the Youth Master Plan (2010).

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