Arta Print and Promotion Brings Latest Digital Technology to Hacienda

At Hacienda's Arta Print and Promotion, they celebrated the end of 2015 by upgrading their equipment in a big way: with a new digital press.

"It's one of the newest digital presses on the market, and only two or three companies in the Bay Area have them," says owner Elham Nilforoshan. "Compared to other low-cost, small companies, I know that we are well equipped."

The advantage of digital printing is largely based on both ease of color reproduction and speed. "We do both digital and offset (printing) but based on people's feedback these days, most people prefer digital because they like to have full color and faster turnaround times," she says. "It's as good as traditional printing but our customers get quicker service and save a lot on printing costs. Our turnaround times are very fast. We can do things same day, next day, or whatever our customers need - we try to work with them. These are some of the things that people like about us."

The new press also has brings Arta the ability to provide new services. "We are now capable of doing customized coating in-house," she says. "If a customer wants a special coating, like a UV, gloss, or matte coating, it's easy for us to make them happy."

Arta Print and Promotion was founded in 2009, after Nilforoshan had spent much of the previous decade working in the industry. "I studied advertising as a major and then I started working for a printing company," she says. "I saw the issues that customers had that weren't being met, and I thought I could do better."

In addition to printing items like business cards, stationery, brochures, and posters, Arta can produce specialty products like banners (with or without grommets), A-frame signs, magnets, and a host of other items, all in a variety of sizes. The company offers both full color and black-and-white copying services as well.

"We also do screen printing," she says. "We have an account with two major US apparel companies, so we get our apparel from them and do the printing here." Arta can also provide customers with promotional items such as cups and mugs, pens, and more.

Arta Print and Promotion is at 5673 W. Last Postitas Boulevard, Suite 213 in Hacienda, and can be reached at either (510) 870-0207 or (925) 224-9910. The company's web site is at

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