Field Trips, A Learning Experience

The fields trips to Hacienda Business Park by Pleasanton school children have proven to be very successful. Donna Fernandez, Hacienda Community Room Coordinator, and a former teacher herself, originated the idea. "I know that the schools have had to cut back on non-essentials, so I thought that perhaps we could help out in some way," stated Donna. "I think just getting the children out of the classroom expands their world. From all the reports that I'm getting, it's proven to be a real learning experience."

Hacienda rents a school bus from the district and children are brought to Hacienda Business Park's Chabot Center building. It is there that Mrs. Fernandez joins the class, and with megaphone in hand, they're off on a grand tour. Points of interest along the way are the newly completed canals and the re-vegetation project to encourage native flora and fauna to flourish within the Park.

From there, it's around the whole perimeter of the Park with stops under the arch ("It weighs 50 tons . . . does anyone know how many pounds that is?") and into the Central Plaza. The special pedestrian walkways get special attention from Donna, as do the walk signals and computerized traffic lights. The children also see where the new tenants at Hacienda are working. ("This building is the home of AT&T. Does anybody know what AT&T does?")

Any teacher in the area wishing to have their class take a field trip to Hacienda Business Park should contact Donna Fernandez at 463-0280 for further information.

To see a reproduction of the original article and edition of Pleasanton Pathways, visit: March 19, 1984 Pathways.

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