Women's Network Goes Live, and More

Darla Stevens still produces it and directs it. Judy Davis is still in the host's chair. And it's still on cable channel 30. But everything else about Women's Network has changed.

First, the Community Television show, which spotlights the women's point of view, is now seen Monday through Friday at 9:00 am, Tuesday at 4:30 pm and Wednesday at 9:00 pm.

Second, it is taped live, before an audience, in Hacienda Business Park's Community Center each Thursday morning from 9:30 to 11:30 am. Twenty-five seats are available for each show and the free tickets can be picked up from Donna Fernandez, the Community Room Coordinator.

"Program guests respond to questions from the audience as well as the hosts, and audience volunteers are used for demonstrations such as make-overs, hair styling and make-up techniques," said Stevens.

Funding for the community access program is being donated by Hacienda Business Park.

"There seemed to be a real gap in women's programming in the Valley," said Stevens. "With this program we're hoping to attract the busy woman who after spending all morning getting the kids and husband off to school and work, now might want to spend her morning coffee break with us."

Women's Network now features community service spots, public briefs on local organizations with awards for members’ community service, and women's trivia contests with questions specifically created for the show by Ben Fernandez, Pleasanton's own trivia expert and a regular columnist for Pathways.

Judy Davis, who has been with Women's Network from the start, now shares hosting duties with Sherry Wilson, a local Pleasanton businesswoman.

Both women bring their own extensive community networks knowledge to the show plus long-standing knowledge of women's issues. Davis works in job placement and conducts her own career-network seminars. Wilson, in addition to being a registered physical therapist, has nine-year's experience speaking to various groups on motivational skills.

Women's Network is only one of many shows produced by Community Television in association with the Viacom cable company.

''Viacom provides us with the equipment to produce all of our shows. And except for one Viacom staff member, local residents do all the work," explained Stevens, who started Community TV in 1976, two years after she moved to the area.

''We are a non-profit, community organization with only four staff people and over 20 volunteers. We also have four part-time high school interns," she said.

Although the Womens show is taped live at Hacienda, eight of Community TV's other ten shows are taped at Pleasanton School and one, Valley Magazine, is taped at various locations throughout the Valley.

"We also do all candidates' nights with the League of Women Voters and have had every local candidate on TV since 1976," said Stevens proudly.

The local network's other weekly shows are: Valley Forum, Let's Talk Sports, Valley Magazine, and The Next Generation.

The monthly shows are: Report from the Cities, Valley Business and You, Byline: AAWU, and Senior Reflections. Check your daily newspaper for times and days.

For now Women's Network is off to a great start with much enthusiasm. Viewers are invited to contribute topic suggestions for future shows.

To see a reproduction of the original article and edition of Pleasanton Pathways, visit: March 19, 1984 Pathways.

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