StopWaste is currently accepting applications for a range of grant opportunities available to both non-profits and businesses. The grants are targeted toward supporting activities that increase individual, business, and community involvement in the reduction of waste in Alameda County. Areas of focus can be on waste prevention, reuse and recovery of goods and materials, as well as development, marketing, and use of recovered products.

How Does it Work?

The proposed project must be in the area of waste prevention, reuse, recycling or market development and have an impact in Alameda County, California. There are six types of grants to apply for with a limit of one application allowed per business. The categories for granting include:

  • Reuse and Repair - Up to $20,000 per grant is available to non-profits and businesses to fund innovative projects that prevent waste through reuse, repair, deconstruction, redistribution, product or process redesign, recovery, and other ways that keep goods and other materials out of disposal or recycling. The goal is to conserve natural resources and stimulate economic activity in the reuse and recovery sectors.

  • Food Waste Prevention & Recovery Grants - Up to $20,000 per grant is available to non-profits and businesses to fund innovative pilots and projects that prevent edible food from going to compost or landfill by recovering and redistributing it to feed people, or by preventing the production of surplus edible food through product or process redesign. The goal is to reduce the amount of surplus edible food generated and/or to donate surplus food.

  • Surplus Food Donation Equipment Grants - Up to $10,000 per grant is available to provides funding to support the recovery or donation of surplus edible food that would otherwise go to waste, thereby increasing capacity for businesses to donate food and/or organizations to receive more food, safely transport and distribute food for donation.

  • Community Food Systems Grants - Grants up to $10,000 are available for funding community-rooted and driven projects that address gaps and shortfalls of the industrial food system through the implementation of innovative multi-benefit practices that provide long term strategies to improve food access, address equity, economic opportunities, and community health. The goal is to support efforts that prevent the wasting of healthy, culturally appropriate, and locally grown food and ensure it is being equitably distributed to communities in need.

  • Reusable Foodware Grants - Grants from $5,000 to $50,000 are available to businesses, nonprofits, and institutions, these grants fund innovative projects that explore the feasibility of replacing single-use, disposable foodware with reusable systems. The goal is to eliminate single-use foodware and instead develop local infrastructure to make reusable foodware accessible to businesses and consumers. Award range: $5,000 to $50,000 per grant. 

  • Reusable Transport Packaging Grants - Grants for $10,000 are available to fund reusable, durable alternatives to replace limited-life packaging used in manufacturing, transportation and/or distribution, such as boxes, pallets, pallet wraps, and dunnage. Funds help cover the upfront reusable equipment costs. Once reusables are in place, organizations often see long-term cost savings by eliminating (or significantly reducing) recurring costs for packaging materials. 

Indoor Food Scrap Bins

Free Indoor Food Scrap Bins are also available. Applications are accepted at any time. Make separating food scraps, food-soiled paper and plant debris easier with up to $500 for indoor green containers and lids. Available to qualifying Alameda County businesses, institutions, and multi-family residential properties (5+ units). 

Waste Prevention Grants Solicitation Webinar

To learn more about the grant categories, the types of applicants and projects eligible for funding, and the application process,  You are welcome to join the informational 2023 Waste Prevention Grants Solicitation Webinar on January 31 at 4:00 pm with StopWaste's grant team managers to learn about the various grant categories, the types of applicants and projects eligible for funding followed by a Q&A. Registrations can be made at:

Apply for a Grant

Applications can be made online by visiting: Applications are due by March 3rd at midnight. Grantees will be announced on May 18th. For more information, please contact the StopWaste Partnership using the information below.

Additional Information

Additional information on available grants and the StopWaste Business Partnership team is available. Please refer to the StopWaste Partnership Team below for details.

Contact Information

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