Alliance Home Health Offers Patient-Centered Home Care

Alliance Home Health Care, Inc. is a Medicare-certified home care agency that provides high quality, patient-centered medical and non-medical care based on "best practice" models. The mission of Alliance Home Health Care is to enable patients and families to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to manage and live independently at home, as well as to promote and facilitate a smooth recovery process for patients after illness or surgery.

"Several years ago, my mother had a stroke back in India," says Salil Prasad, who owns Alliance Home Health Care. "We were all lucky that she received care in time. It was then I first got exposed to home health care. I saw her receive very good therapy at home, where it is easier to heal. Hospitals save lives, but home is where people recover and live again. It was then I decided to move from information technology to health care, as I felt I would have a much higher level of satisfaction and sense of fulfillment seeing people recover at home."

Alliance Home Health Care is dedicated to helping clients through medical home health care, personal care for daily life, or both so they can lead dignified, independent lives. The professionals at Alliance Home Health Care not only provide care but also help educate individuals and families in the knowledge and skills necessary to manage and live independently at home. This home health care agency provides continuity of care and service excellence, reduce hospital readmissions, and help keep patients at home through cross team communication and clinical oversight.

While many of the clients who choose Alliance Home Health Care are older, the home health care agency offers services to anyone who is 18 years of age or older in need of home-based skilled medical care. Younger clients tend to be individuals who are recovering from an injury, recovering from surgery, or who have a chronic illness and require in-home nursing, physical therapy, or similar care from certified medical professionals.

Some Alliance Home Health Care clients need assistance with their daily lives, either instead of or in addition to skilled nursing or other healthcare treatment. In those cases, the home health care agency offers a variety of home support services. Those services are tailored to the specific needs of the clients. They may range from meal preparation to housekeeping to transportation to grooming care.

Because Alliance Home Health Care provides both skilled and non-skilled care under the same umbrella, the agency can "ensure continuity of care and better insight into our client's health and conditions and, thus, better coordination of care," says Prasad. "Recovery is much faster when people are in their own home. The best of this business is seeing clinicians write goals and then discharging patients when the goals are met."

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