BlueJay Mobile Health is Transforming Rehabilitation Care Through Mobile Devices

BlueJay Mobile Health uses advanced technologies to transform healthcare delivery and care team coordination to improve outcomes and reduce cost through the use of mobile devices. The mobile software company focuses on rehabilitation care and serves health care providers and their patients as well as home medical equipment and durable medical equipment companies.

BlueJay's first mobile application, BlueJay Engage, enables HIPAA-compliant virtual visits between health providers and their patients. Features include an artificial-intelligence-powered remote range of motion measuring tool, secure messaging for instant communications between providers and patients, and an exercise prescription function with more than 4000 customizable exercise videos. Outcomes analysis helps providers remotely monitor their patients' progress.

Health care providers who use BlueJay's mobile app with their patients can cut treatment time "in half versus traditional face-to-face office visits," according to Ben Yee, Vice President of Sales for BlueJay. "The healthcare industry we are in is fragmented with many solutions that only address one segment. We are the first to really look at healthcare as it is delivered to a patient. We connect patients to their primary care providers, chiropractors, physical therapists, and even caregivers all at the same time to ensure compliance to treatment for better outcomes."

BlueJay Engage was created to bridge the gap between patients and their care providers. Until recently, rehabilitation patients were forced to see a health care provider in person, then left with a sheet of exercise instructions. Between visits, there was no way for a provider to tell how well a patient was doing. Providers were unable to offer personalized instruction, monitor pain, measure range of motion changes, or see if patients were doing exercises correctly. BlueJay Engage now makes it possible for providers and their patients to benefit from real-time communication, monitoring, and analysis despite the distance between them.

Some providers and patients are surprised to discover that a patient's own smartphone, tablet, or laptop can help measure their recovery and rehabilitation progress. "We are the first mobile software company to measure range of motion remotely using your mobile device's camera using artificial intelligence," notes Yee. "We also have developed a care team feature that connects providers, therapists, and caregivers at the same time with the patient to ensure compliance and greater outcomes with treatment."

A one-page patient dashboard has proved to be a time saver with BlueJay's customers. The dashboard quickly determines which patients are not following their treatment so that a provider can quickly follow up with those patients and get them back on track with their treatment. Recently BlueJay joined the California Physical Therapy Association (CPTA) in a partnership to educate CPTA members about tele-rehabilitation and patient engagement technologies.

BlueJay Mobile Health moved to Hacienda in 2016 because of its central and convenient location. Approximately 15 employees work at BlueJay's corporate headquarters at Hacienda; the company also has a satellite office in China.

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