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Rental property can be more of a challenge than many property owners want to face on their own. Action 1 Property Management helps clients avoid common headaches by providing all the services they need to buy, sell, and manage rental investments throughout the Tri-Valley region and nearby areas.

Those outside of the industry may be surprised by the type of issues that rental property owners may face, as well as the sheer number of rules and regulations that must be followed in order to stay within the law as an owner.

"There is more to property management than just collecting rent," says Patty Manzi, Broker/Owner of Action 1 Property Management and Action 1 Properties. "In addition to keeping up with the current rules and regulations, there are also the issues of refunding security deposits, determining what constitutes damages versus wear and tear, what to do when a tenant doesn't pay rent, the process of filing for an eviction against a tenant, what constitutes a breach of contract, what to do if a tenant moves in unauthorized occupants or pets, rules regarding service/comfort/therapy animals, what happens if a property owner sells during a tenant's lease, what happens if a property owner refuses to correct a habitability issue or authorize a repair-just to name a few."

As part of providing exceptional customer service to clients, Action 1 Property Management is a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers, which allows Manzi to keep up to date on all the current rules, regulations, and laws affecting rental properties.

"It is very important that our company operate with integrity and follow the law of the state of California and our local Fair Housing agencies to protect not only us, but also our clients," notes Manzi. Action 1 also provides an online portal to all property owning clients as well as rental tenants so they can view appropriate account information, lease contracts, financial documents, and year-end tax statements.

Action 1 has many years of experience in making life easier for local property owners as well as their tenants. Recently, for example, a tenant in one client's property reported moisture stains on the walls of a downstairs bathroom. Action 1 quickly sent a plumber to the property. An upstairs toilet was leaking a devastating amount of waste water into the building's walls.

"We immediately sent out our disaster remediation vendor to investigate," says Manzi, who promptly notified the client owner so he could contact his insurance company. "We spent the next few months working with all the appropriate vendors to get the work done to remove all of the damaged walls, flooring, and fixtures; to get certification that the area was bacteria-free; and to get the room remodeled to its original state. We also got the owner to give the tenant a rent credit to compensate for the inconvenience caused by the waste pipe failure."

Manzi has been a licensed real estate professional since 2004 and joined Action 1 first as a real estate sales agent in 2009 and then became the office manager for the property management business. In 2016 Manzi became the sole owner of both companies.

Manzi opened the current Action 1 office at Hacienda in early 2018. Manzi is a member of the Bay East Association of Realtors and an active member of the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce.

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