Cents & Sensibility Provides Lifetime Financial Guidance

Cents & Sensibility, Inc. is made up of a close-knit team of financial professionals who provide lifetime financial guidance to individuals and families. Whether they need core investment advice or more advanced planning such as settling and inheritance, Cents & Sensibility can help.

"We take a relationship-driven approach to helping you manage, save, and invest your money," says Sharon Almeida, Founder and CEO. "Our approach to financial planning is simple: treat each client like family. The results are clear. Our clients tell us their financial lives feel simpler and better organized. Most importantly, they enjoy peace of mind knowing someone they trust handles their finances. As your advisor, we'll give you the attention and respect you deserve. We'll take the time to listen, focus on the details, answer your questions, and work with you each step of the way."

Unlike some financial firms, Cents & Sensibility has no quotas to meet and no shareholders to appease. "Our allegiance is to our clients," says Almeida. "Our status as a fully independent firm gives us the freedom to use a variety of money managers and an extensive range of investment options to craft a custom solution for our clients."

While the financial industry has been consolidating into large corporations, Cents & Sensibility has defied that trend by retaining its local, personal touch for clients while also having access to world-class investment firms. During hard times that personal touch can be especially helpful to clients.

"We had a client pass away very unexpectedly, leaving behind his wife and two teenagers," notes Almeida. "We were able to help her understand her benefits, decide on options, and structure her investments for short, intermediate, and long term needs. She was able to relocate her home, provide for her children's upcoming college education, invest for her own retirement, and take steps to protect her estate for the benefit of her children."

Losing a spouse is overwhelming enough even without the need to undertake major financial decisions. "It meant the world to us that we could in some way ease her burden and help her take care of her family," says Almeida.

The full-service financial planning professionals at Cents & Sensibility strive to help clients feel more organized and in control of their financial situations. When it comes to retirement, for example, they say the secret to retiring well is knowing what gets you up and keeps you going each day. With its relationship-driven approach to financial planning, Cents & Sensibility helps clients understand how to save and manage their money through discovering why they are saving. Then the company partners with their clients to develop a custom, personal plan that helps them reach the meaningful retirement they desire.

Cents & Sensibility was founded in 2000 and moved to Hacienda in 2002. A staff of five work at the Hacienda office. "We love the central location, with easy access for our clients throughout the Bay Area," says Almeida.

For more information about Cents & Sensibility, Inc., please visit www.centsinc.net.

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