Dynamically Speaking Helps Clients Achieve Leadership Success

Many executives underestimate the power of executive presence to forge trust and credibility with audiences, according to Surina Piyadasa, Founder, CEO, and Executive Presentation Coach of Dynamically Speaking. Executive presence has nothing to do with messaging, attractiveness, or intellect, she says. It is about feeling confident in your own skin to inspire positive action.

Dynamically Speaking was launched in 2004 with a clear mission: to empower leaders and teams to command a room as speakers. Clients often think of Dynamically Speaking as an extension of their strategic communications team. The company offers coaching in person, by phone, and via video conferencing.

For face-to-face meetings outside of the area, Piyadasa is available to meet leaders and senior teams in their offices around the U.S. and Canada. Moreover, the company offers potential clients a free presentation analysis to help them decide if Dynamically Speaking is a good fit for their needs. Since its founding, the company has served more than 3,700 business clients-and created many long-term relationships in the process.

"Inspiring customers to be their best as speakers is my passion," notes Piyadasa. "Using a holistic, outcome-driven process, I'll analyze a client's visual, vocal, and verbal behaviors. This includes body language, eye contact, handshake, facial expression, composure, vocal tone, and listening skills. From there, we'll adjust as needed to optimize audience engagement."

Institutional quality, senior-level attention, customization, and strong relationships set Dynamically Speaking apart from its competitors. For four years in a row, City Beat News has awarded Dynamically Speaking with the coveted Spectrum Award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction, according to Piyadasa. "I want every customer to expect institutional quality that delights with consistency."

Every client receives care from a senior communications professional with deep expertise and empathy that bring out a client's best. Each customized program aligns with the unique personalities, strengths, leadership development, and communication goals of each client. Finally, Dynamically Speaking builds deep relationships on a foundation trust, which sometimes leads to benefits beyond successful presentation skills.

"Finding new ways to help clients be more successful in less time is always the focus," says Piyadasa, a professional actor as well as former technology banker. As appropriate, she offers clients introductions to other professionals who can help them grow revenue, find quality talent, or attract capital.

"Being an entrepreneur, I enjoy helping founders and start-up teams tell their stories," she says. "They tend to be smart, analytical, and sometimes introverted. Tapping into the power of storytelling makes data come to life for their audiences."

One client hired Dynamically Speaking to coach an under-40 data scientist who led an important company team. "The CEO saw leadership potential in her that needed cultivation," says Piyadasa. "The data scientist, at times, felt invisible in the room. She often held back from expressing her ideas in front of male team members. Her confidence needed a boost. I helped her unlock vocal power to speak with assertiveness and confidence. Pleased with her ability to lead, the CEO promoted her."

Understanding a client's business before the first meeting is also key company differentiator. "Before meeting with C-level leaders or teams, I do my homework," she says. "I'll analyze company databases to extract data-driven insights about the business, competitive landscape, and investors. This leads to a more informed conversation, especially if I'm partnering closely with a CEO, COO, or CFO."

Dynamically Speaking opened its office in Hacienda in 2014. "It's a strategic location close to BART, major freeways, and a vibrant startup ecosystem," notes Piyadasa.

For more information about Dynamically Speaking, please visit www.dynamicallyspeaking.com.

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