Mark Ballas Dance Studio Brings Heart to Dance Instruction

Mark Ballas Dance and Performing Arts Studio is a premiere partner dance school. It offers a full curriculum for learning International Standard and Latin as well as the American Style Ballroom and Rhythm dance. Students can also learn popular partner dances such as West Coast Swing, Salsa, Bachata, and many more.

"Our mission is to provide a safe and fun dance experience for everyone who walks through our doors," says Studio Manager Zach Morris. "We are huge promoters of building up the community through encouragement and care. We are capable of teaching all levels of dancers but we pride ourselves on being a safe space for newcomers and beginners. Our mission is to foster joy through dance in a safe and encouraging environment."

This dance studio strives to have offerings that cover every level of budget to encourage as many people as possible to experience the joy of social and partner dancing. Mark Ballas is one of the few dance studios that caters to three groups interested in dance instruction: beginners to dance (including engaged couples), newcomers to the area, and local social dancers, according to Morris. Because of its many events, the studio often doubles as a social club for long-term clients, while first-time students often compliment instructors on how comfortable they make students feel.

"We conduct our business with a mom and pop perspective combined with the professionalism and organized logistics of a franchise studio," notes Morris. "Our favorite part of what we do is helping clients achieve their dance goals while sharing laughs, deep talks, and random musings along the way. We want your experience to be more than just a dance lesson. There is no reason to feel intimidated."

Mark Ballas Dance Studio offers three different avenues for learning: group lessons, private lessons, and regular dance events. Group lessons allow anyone who is interested to receive instruction on a specific, pre-selected dance. Generally, these classes are divided into dance-level-appropriate settings. Many students make the most progress in private lessons, which allow an instructor to address the specific needs and questions of a student or couple.

Mark Ballas Dance has been located at Hacienda since March 2016. In addition to dance instruction, the facility is also available for rental for banquets or other events for 80 to 100 attendees.

"We chose Hacienda and Pleasanton because it is one of the best places in the country to live," says Morris. "We enjoy the community-oriented mindset we experience from the residents and other local business."

The Studio recently held a fundraiser for the Silver Linings Foundation, which supports prostate cancer research. It also has an in-house scholarship program to help talented, under-funded dancers meet their potential by overcoming some of the financial barriers in their way.

Mark Ballas Dance offers one complimentary lesson to potential students who call 925-403-4109. In addition to that offer, readers of the Hacienda Pulse can register for the Introductory Program, which is two private lessons and one group class, for a discount. Instead of paying $75, mention this article to pay $60 and save $15.

The public is invited to the Halloween-themed showcase Mark Ballas Dance is holding on October 27 from 6 pm to 10 pm. The showcase will feature a costume contest, student performances, staff Performances, and a raffle for special prizes. The tickets, which are $35 dollars can be purchased in advance or at the door.

For more information about Mark Ballas Dance and Performing Arts Studio, please visit or its Facebook page at

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