SOLID Personnel Offers Cost Effective Workforce Solutions for Skilled Industries

SOLID Personnel is a specialized recruiting and staffing firm with unique industry experience for clients in the energy, electrical, construction management, telecommunications, low voltage, security, and scientific industries.

The company is dedicated to increasing the profitability of its clients by reducing overhead related to sourcing qualified talent and HR management costs. SOLID Personnel offers exceptional skills and proven experience in matching top professionals with top companies. SOLID Personnel has successfully staffed hundreds of positions for individual clients by providing quality talent that met deadline and budget needs.

The success of SOLID Personnel is unsurprising, given that its executive team has a combined 30 years of experience in specialized recruiting and in supporting niche industries with creative, efficient, and cost-effective solutions tailored to support the specific requirements of each client. The company's four specialized staffing services help its customers meet important staffing needs.

First, SOLID Personnel provides temporary hires to support critical projects, variable resource needs, and temporary openings. Second, it offers temp-to-hire personnel for clients who need personnel for a transition period or to respond to business growth. Third, it provides direct-hire placements for key individuals who will make an immediate and lasting positive impact for its clients. Fourth, Solid Personnel offers value-added services such as payroll, skills testing, background checks, and drug screening.

SOLID Personnel has the database and the talent to be able to satisfy its customers' needs, according to Michael Haun, M.S., Vice President of Energy and Construction Services. Moreover, the company can craft custom solutions.

"We aren't static. We are customer-centric," he says. Those qualities have helped SOLID Personnel work successfully with local clients as well as clients from outside of the United States who needed staff in the US. One example is providing workers to install German equipment at a Silicon Valley manufacturer for an Italian client. Another is providing 20 to 50 electricians for projects such as new housing development and hotel construction.

"We have recruited from California to New York to everywhere in between," notes Haun, who says the company employs hundreds of workers at any one time in order to meet the needs of its clients. Companies from out of state that take on a project do hold licenses but often do not have a local workforce. "They provide the managers, and we supply the workforce," says Haun.

Many of his company's employees enjoy working directly with SOLID Personnel on a variety of different projects over time. That fact is satisfying to SOLID Personnel's executive team. "Our purpose and our goal is to better people's lives by providing new and better opportunities," notes Haun. The company's engaged employees is also a key reason why SOLID Personnel has so many long-term customers and so much repeat business.

"It comes down to our personnel and the service we provide," says Haun. "Everybody here supports each other, is concerned, and cares about our customers and the experience they are receiving. I really think that is what propels us and takes us to the next level."

SOLID Personnel was founded in the East Bay about five years ago. The company purchased a piece of property for company headquarters at Hacienda and moved into its office three years ago. Today SOLID Personnel has one office in Pasadena and another office in Scottsdale, Arizona, in addition to its headquarters at Hacienda. Of the company's 20 employees, 10 work at the Hacienda office.

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