Zoho Creates Beautiful Software That Solves Business Problems

Zoho Corporation marches to a different drummer. The software company began in Pleasanton in 1986. Since then it has developed into a global software powerhouse providing transformational business software to companies of all sizes. Zoho's 200,000 customers and 31 million users leverage Zoho's cloud-based software to communicate and collaborate, sell more, provide better customer service, manage human resources, get a better handle on their finances, and accomplish a variety of other important business goals.

Several things set Zoho apart from more traditional software companies. First, the profitable company is privately held. Second, Zoho became a thriving, global technology business outside of Silicon Valley. Third, it spends more on product development and customer support than on marketing and sales.

"Zoho is a unique company in so many ways, but I believe our customers absolutely love using our software and working with us as a company," says Raj Sabhlok, Zoho President. "There are not many companies that provide innovative software applications that are thoughtfully built to meet the requirements of any size business and budget. We've also created a very active and passionate customer base. Every year, we host our user conferences, Zoholics, in many locations around the world including Pleasanton. Each event is always sold out with happy, passionate customers."

In the summer of 2017, Zoho announced Zoho One, a suite of all the Zoho business applications integrated into one offering. "Not only is Zoho One the most complete business application suite on the market, it comes with the innovative pricing of $30 per user, per month for all of the nearly 40 Zoho applications," notes Sabhlok.

Zoho's investment in people is a key component in maintaining a competitive edge in research and development, according to the company. Zoho has created a comprehensive program, called Zoho University, to hire and train high school students in India, for example. The company believes this program is not only good for Zoho, but also good for the communities that have access to the program.

"We have hundreds of students that have graduated and now are contributing to Zoho's success," says Sabhlok. "In most cases, these kids come from underprivileged backgrounds, and at a minimum would likely not be able to attend a formal university." The company also hires individuals in the US who do not hold college degrees, and envisions a day when Zoho University is a US program as well.

Some 50 employees work out of Zoho's Hacienda headquarters. Zoho has about 5,500 employees worldwide. In addition to its Hacienda office, the company has an office in Austin, Texas, as well as offices in China, India, Japan, and Singapore.

Zoho supports the Pleasanton Boys Team Charity and the National Charity League among other local charities and programs. The company also hosts many events and activities, including Toastmasters, athletic team celebrations, and coding clubs. The company also welcomes visits from neighboring businesses. "Local businesses can drop by our office to chat about Zoho and our applications, or just for a cup coffee. That is fine too," says Sabhlok.

The 2018 Zoholics Developer Conference is scheduled for May 30 to 31 at Zoho's Hacienda office. Developers and others interested in learning more about the Zoho platform can sign up for the event at www.zoho.com/zoholics.

For more information about Zoho Corporation, please visit www.zoho.com.

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