Tri-Valley REACH Supports Special Needs Community

Tri-Valley REACH, Inc., which stands for Resources Education Activities Community and Housing, is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities. Its mission is to provide resources, education, activities, community participation, and housing opportunities that will enable adults with developmental disabilities in the Tri-Valley to live full and independent lives.

For more than 28 years, REACH has provided living environments that are safe, high quality, and affordable. REACH tenants are able to live, work, and socialize in the community in which they grew up. Many of them work at local businesses and are proud to be contributing members of the community.

"When given the opportunity, an individual with a developmental disability is a remarkable human being and capable of accomplishing many great things," says Kay King, Chair of REACH's Board of Directors. "For an adult with a developmental disability, living independently is a key step in developing independence and important life skills."

The relationship REACH has with those who live in its properties goes beyond the typical landlord-tenant relationship. REACH works with individuals and their support staff or service providers to ensure their living environment supports any special needs they may have. Any modifications or adaptations to the home that might be needed are done by REACH at no cost to the tenant.

REACH owns nine homes in Livermore and Pleasanton that house 26. The properties are a combination of single-family dwellings, duplexes, and townhomes. The high cost of housing and low inventory have made it challenging for REACH to acquire additional properties. According to a report published by the Regional Center of the East Bay, an estimated 529 independent living housing units will be needed by 2023 for individuals with developmental disabilities in Pleasanton and Livermore. Affordable rental housing for individuals with disabilities is nowhere near that number. Happily, REACH was recently able to purchase two additional townhomes in Livermore, which will provide independent living for six more adults.

Over the years, REACH has served hundreds of individuals who have been able to realize many of their dreams as a result of living independently. One man, who is hearing impaired and has cerebral palsy, was scoffed at for wanting to live independently. Now a long-time REACH tenant, he runs long-distance races, including marathons, and recently earned an online degree in ministry. A former tenant, a young woman, first tried independent living in a REACH home; from there she went to college at the University of California at Davis and participated in a Spanish Immersion study abroad program in South America.

Several years ago REACH broadened its services to people outside of its homes. REACH partnered with the City of Pleasanton's Recreational Activities for the Developmentally Disabled (RADD) group to provide scholarships, fund the annual RADD Winter Ball, provide equipment and uniforms for RADD teams associated with Special Olympics' sports programs, and host awards banquets after every Special Olympics' Regional Completion.

Because REACH receives no direct government or state funding, it must rely on supportive individuals, corporations, foundations and civic organizations to help it serve the special needs community. Those who have found a home at REACH properties and others who benefit from its programs can thank the all-volunteer board that operates the nonprofit as well as the donors who support REACH's annual fundraising events and the local organizations that provide grants. Those supporters made it possible for REACH to buy the new properties. To celebrate that recent accomplishment, REACH invites the public to join it for an Open House and Dedication ceremony to be held October 2nd at one of the recently acquired properties.

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