Dorian Studios Provides High-Quality School Portraits, Yearbooks, and More

Dorian Studio is a digital portrait and print services company specializing in school pictures, yearbooks, youth sports leagues, dances, and studio portraits. Dorian operates a state of the art photo-processing lab and yearbook printing facility. The company's investment in the most advanced digital processing gives it the ability to offer industry exclusive products while keeping costs low. It also has the resources and flexibility to respond to customers' needs promptly and efficiently.

The company is dedicated to creativity, superior quality, exceptional service, and honest value in photography. Dorian focuses on providing quality images to families in the most effective and affordable manner. It is proud to help families celebrate the achievements of the children as well as preserve memories of their progression from childhood through school graduation.

"Our branch has seen significant growth in the five years that we've been in the area," says Branch Manager Horace Gipson. "The number one reason clients switch to us is customer service. It seems as though with the advances in technology many companies have forgotten the human factor in business. That is where Dorian excels. Our clients love our approach to customer service; we treat everyone as we want to be treated."

Dorian offers the benefits of advanced technology as well as excellent customer service to its clients. Schools that choose Dorian for yearbooks, for example, get the benefit of state of the art print technology that will produces yearbooks with vibrant color and stunning resolution. The stout binding Dorian uses will allow each school's story to be told for generations.

Yearbook clients also receive access to a design group and advice at no extra charge. Dorian can develop covers, backgrounds, themes, or do cutouts to enhance a client's yearbook. The company also offers complimentary candid photography to enhance a yearbook by sending a professional photographer to a school or event to take incredible candids or professional group pictures. Moreover, Dorian loves sharing knowledge. The company can help train a yearbook's staff while a Dorian photographer takes photos. The company also provides educational seminars at no cost.

"Our industry is small but impactful," notes Gipson. "Nearly every person in America has taken, given, or received a school picture. That is what makes us an important part of Americana."

Dorian is a family owned business that was founded in 1914. It is one of the oldest school picture companies on the West Coast. In addition to California, Dorian provides school photography and yearbook services in Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.

The company opened its Hacienda office in 2014. "We chose the location because we serve clients in every Bay Area county and Pleasanton is a central location," says Gipson. As many as 25 people work in the Hacienda office during the company's busiest season. Each year the Hacienda office provides complimentary portraits to a local nonprofit.

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