ExtraMile Convenience Stores Offer World-Class Customer Experience

ExtraMile Convenience Stores LLC was formed in February 2018 as a joint venture between Chevron USA Inc. and Jacksons Food Stores, Inc. Originally located within the Chevron headquarters in San Ramon, ExtraMile moved to Hacienda in November 2018. By the time it moved to Hacienda, ExtraMile had more than 825 locations exclusively at Chevron- and Texaco-branded fuel locations in California, Oregon, and Washington.

"This was a significant milestone in the ExtraMile growth story," says Paul Casadont, president of ExtraMile and former Americas Merchandising Manager for Chevron USA. "With our network now comprising more than 800 convenience stores, more consumers can experience our world-class convenience-store experience."

The company's mission is to develop a sizeable network of loyal convenience customers while achieving preferred franchise status for Chevron- and Texaco-branded fuel retailers. ExtraMile seems to be meeting its goals successfully. Last year the new company was rated 95% or better overall in an annual ranking by industry publication Convenience Store News.

"We are trying to raise consumers' expectations for convenience stores with clean, well-lit facilities with great customer service," says Casadont. "We believe by focusing on these basics we have an opportunity to differentiate our brand and our offer."

To customers, the company emphasizes its commitment to providing a better in-store experience by focusing on the extras that make it the choice for "grab-and-go" convenience. Those include exceptional staff, cleanliness, and lighting throughout the store. They also include specialty areas such as the "HydraZone" beverage area that makes it easy for busy consumers to find the drinks they want, as well as a reward program and special offers.

The company recently launched the ExtraGood brand of products, which includes chocolate bars, beef jerky, and water products. It plans to continue to expand the ExtraGood brand this year into additional product categories as well. The company's most important goal is to double the number of ExtraMile convenience stores nationally to 1500 ExtraMile stores by 2027.

When ExtraMile executives decided to move the company out of the Chevron office in San Ramon, they wanted to stay in the general area but removed from the Chevron headquarters. "We saw more than a dozen potential office locations," notes Casadont. "Hacienda best fit our needs in several areas, including proximity to Chevron headquarters and the business atmosphere of Hacienda."

Approximately 20 employees are located in the Hacienda office. ExtraMile also has staff at a Chevron office in Southern California, as well as approximately 20 home-based employees in Washington, Oregon, and California. ExtraMile's staff is expected to grow as the company expands and changes over time. Some of those changes may be surprising.

As Casadont told Convenience Store Products magazine, "We are working on the station of the future and becoming more digital. For instance, we've noticed that the Los Angeles airport just piloted a smart restroom. It uses technology that keeps track of how many patrons use a restroom and alerts an employee to clean the restroom at a certain threshold. There are also technologies for mobile devices that let customers know when restrooms are cleaned and available too. Maybe those could have a place at ExtraMile in the future."

For more information about ExtraMile Convenience Stores LLC, please visit www.chevronextramile.com.

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