SmartERP's Smart Onboarding Saves Clients Time, Money

SmartERP focuses on automating, streamlining, and simplifying business processes, providing innovative software solutions and consulting services. SmartERP is unique in the Enterprise Resource Planning space. Unlike many of the organizations in the market, which offer either software solutions or consulting services, SmartERP provides both. SmartERP's broad offerings include human resources automation solutions and application managed services.

The company's most popular solution is Smart Onboarding, which automates new-hire pre-boarding, onboarding, and off-boarding processes. These include I-9/E-Verify and compliantly managing contingent workers. Providing an engaging new-hire experience that is easy to use has always been important but heightened compliance requirements and the current tight hiring environment makes employing good onboarding practices even more important.

"Employment eligibility verification is getting more scrutiny and the government is increasing enforcement on employers," says Kirk Chan, Vice President, Business Development. "Our Smart Onboarding solution streamlines the Form I-9 process including support for remotely completing Section 2 of Form I-9 so new hires need not have to travel to an employer's office in order to present their identification documents in person. Remote Section 2 completion features are not only a better experience for new hires but also saves employers time and money, making new employees billable and/or more productive from day one."

Being locally-based but having a global reach enables SmartERP to provide clients, particularly Bay Area clients, with very compelling offerings, according to Chan. That accounts for SmartERP's many Bay Area clients, he says. Clients include the University of California Office of the President, the County of Alameda, the City and County of San Francisco, and BART. "We operate very much like a family and that extends to our clients-their success or failure is our success or failure as well."

More than 1 million people have joined organizations using Smart Onboarding, according to the company. Contingent workers in the so-called Gig Economy are making up more and more of the workforce, notes Chan. Employers would do well to leverage this trend to their advantage while understanding the differences in managing a contingent workforce versus traditional full-time employees. Smart Onboarding can make an especially huge difference to employers who manage a contingent workforce, Chan relates. Staffing industry clients that use Smart Onboarding, for example, "save millions of dollars a year."

SmartERP moved its headquarters to Hacienda in 2013. About 25 employees work in the company's main office. SmartERP, which was founded by former Oracle and PeopleSoft employees, has deep roots in the Pleasanton area. Because of its many Bay Area clients, "having offices near the BART station is an advantage for us," notes Chan.

The company has additional US offices in Wisconsin and Georgia as well as locations in India and the United Arab Emirates. SmartERP is sponsoring the upcoming Oracle OpenWorld Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco beginning September 16.

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