TeamLogic IT Helps Clients Leverage Technology to Their Advantage

TeamLogic IT is a national provider of technology solutions for best-in-class managed Information Technology (IT) services. TeamLogic IT goes beyond the traditional break-fix model of a typical IT services company. Its consultants serve as trusted IT advisors to help clients gain operational efficiencies. TeamLogic IT helps each client implement and optimize its use of the latest computer software and hardware technologies to meet each client's specific needs. TeamLogic IT's core mission is to ensure its clients leverage technology to their advantage.

That mission takes different forms for different clients. One recent client was using the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system on four-year-old computers. Microsoft is phasing out support for that operating system, so TeamLogic IT recommended upgrading to Windows 10. They performed a quick audit on the machines to determine which machines would need to be replaced by computers with the faster central processing units and greater memory recommended for an operating system upgrade. TeamLogic IT proposed and implemented a solution that allowed the client to lease new equipment with bundled IT support services for a three-year period. This program not only saved the client money but also positioned the client to benefit from a technology refresh every three years in a minimally disruptive manner.

"We can also help small businesses secure their networks and computing resources with the latest security tools," says Wes Lem, Technology Solutions Consultant. "Maintaining business continuity and implementing a robust back-up data protection solution to provide insurance against catastrophic network outages are other areas we specialize in. A cybersecurity assessment is one of the most important services we offer a small business because it can identify weaknesses in their computer and network infrastructure. Small businesses cannot afford any business interruptions today, and the threat of computer cyberattacks, viruses, malware, phishing emails, and ransomware attacks are growing exponentially."

Anyone new to TeamLogic IT might be surprised by the company's "conversational IT support team," according to Lem. Unlike some stereotypical IT support teams, TeamLogic IT consultants are able to communicate to clients seeking support in a clear and understandable fashion so they know exactly what needs to be done. Moreover, the consultants draw on their deep technical knowledge to fix core problems rather than treating symptoms alone.

"We are focused on providing the highest levels of customer service at all times and view every customer engagement as an opportunity to delight the customer," says Lem, who notes that TeamLogic IT is offering Hacienda businesses a special 50% discount on the company's signature Security Assessment and Network Assessment services.

The company, which opened its new office in September 2019, "wanted to be located within a vibrant and growing business hub and to become part of the technology and innovation community fostered by Hacienda," says Lem. The Hacienda office is part of a larger organization, which provides volunteer support to several nonprofits, including the national Sentinels of Freedom, which helps severely wounded post-9/11 veterans complete their higher education. The company has another office in San Ramon; its headquarters are based in Mission Viejo.

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