WiZiX Simplifies Document Management and Printing

WiZiX Technology Group simplifies document management and printing needs with a client-first approach and best-in-class technology. The company's Lease Displacement Program allows potential clients to access WiZiX benefits such as more cost-effective solutions and more reliable service by giving them a way out of their lease with another copier or document management provider. WiZiX's Document Management and Workflow Automation software allows clients to centralize and digitize their documents across locations and automate processes such as invoice processing, human capital management, and approval processes.

There are many options in the Tri-Valley area and throughout the country for business technology, but not all service providers are created equal. If you are frustrated with your business process or your current print environment, there are other options that may be the perfect fit for your business, according to Tyler Johnson, WiZiX Business Advisor. Unlike many other companies in this industry, WiZiX is an independent dealer that focuses on ensuring that the customer is always the number one priority.

As one example, "we took on a client who had no control over their paper files, and they were not getting the attention from their copier service provider they deserved," notes Johnson, who manages and supports clients in the East Bay and Tri-Valley. "We were able to come in, digitize and centralize their files while also creating automated workflows, and at the same time provide them with a much more reliable service partner for their print environment. To be able to help a business out in this way and know they can now focus on growing the economy and create more jobs is truly inspiring."

In addition to working with business clients of all sizes, WiZiX has a full range of government contracts and programs specially designed to meet the guidelines of school districts, local, state, and federal agencies. It can also meet the needs of many other industries, including companies working in the legal, professional printing, banking and financial, nonprofit, healthcare, and manufacturing areas.

"Our mission is to create a culture that is focused by doing more than just enough-where exceeding expectations is the rule, not the exception-so we can service our communities beyond their expectations," says Johnson.

WiZiX was founded in October 2017 and opened its Hacienda office in August 2019. The company chose Hacienda for its fourth office "to strategically place ourselves in an easier access area for our service techs to get to our local clients faster," notes Johnson. "The Hacienda office has its own warehouse for equipment, its own advisors, and its own service team."

Currently six staff members work in the Hacienda office, which is actively hiring in its service and sales departments as the company grows rapidly in all markets. The company's headquarters are located in Roseville; there are also offices in Fresno and San Jose.

For more information about WiZiX Technology Group, please visit www.wizixtech.com.

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