Paws in Need Protects Animals

Paws In Need is a Tri-Valley nonprofit dedicated to improving animal welfare. The all-volunteer organization offers two primary programs. Its Spay/Neuter Program provides assistance in obtaining spay and neuter surgeries for animals, including feral colonies. Its Urgent Care/Advanced Procedures helps owners obtain one-time medical treatment for their pets when the owner does not have the necessary resources for treatment.

“We offer low-cost Spay/Neuter and Urgent Care/Advanced Procedures programs locally when no one else does,” says Hathi Winston, Communications Director.  “We would like to emphasize our Spay/Neuter program because of its low-cost effectiveness. We have Spayed/Neutered many colonies of feral cats in our program along with stray and owned cats and dogs. We feel that assistance is required to avoid unnecessary overpopulation, needless suffering, and euthanasia of animals.”

A cat named Jake is one of the beneficiaries of the work done by Paws In Need. For six years, Jake lived outside in a San Ramon neighborhood. After his location was no longer sustainable, the cat was trapped by a caretaker so that he could be safely relocated. At that time, the caretaker discovered that Jake was friendly and should not live outdoors. Paws in Need had followed Jake’s story through the caretaker of the feral colony. A former Paws In Need Board member heard his story and decided to give him a forever home.

“She has since moved to Hawaii and took Jake right along with her,” says Winston. “He is living the good life.”

According to Winston, people may be surprised to discover that Paws In Need offers low-cost Urgent Care/Advanced Procedures locally. Most of the local shelters work on their own animals, she says, such as an incoming animal requiring mange treatments, before fostering or adopting them out. Instead, Paws In Need works with local owners and vets to find the source of an animal’s problem. Then the animal undergoes subsequent treatment whatever that might mean, from surgery to prescriptions to a cast. “We strive to treat an owner's animal no matter what,” says Winston.

To be successful, Paws In Need depends on donations and volunteers. “Due to the Covid-19 chaos, we are short of donations and we need funds to offset our costs,” notes Winston. “Having extra volunteers would be a really big help.”

One volunteer sells catnip pillows to support the organization, which also hosts several events each year. On December 3, 2020, Paws In Need will hold a Twilight Tastings and Photos with Santa event at the Page Mill Winery in Livermore. It will also host the annual Paws In Need Crab Feed on Saturday, February 6, 2021. Attendees receive a catered dinner of clam chowder, Caesar salad, pasta, bread, lots of crab, and dessert, along with coffee, tea, or lemonade. The event includes a large raffle and silent auction. Ticket sales open on December 1, 2020.

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