Corporate Visions Launches New Marketing Product Suite

Corporate Visions, Inc., a leading provider of science-backed sales and marketing training and consulting services, has launched the trademarked Memorable Marketing System. This new marketing product suite leverages decision science to secure buyers’ attention, memory, and action. Drawing upon extensive Corporate Visions research into how buyers frame value and make choices, the Memorable Marketing System addresses a rapidly growing need in marketing organizations: moving beyond brand awareness and demand generation to guiding actual buying decisions.

“Historically, marketers operated at the top of the sales funnel,” according to Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy Officer at Corporate Visions. “Today, according to industry experts, 80 percent of the sales cycle is taking place in digital or remote settings. Marketing is now being tasked with moving customers further down that funnel, up to and including the point of decision.

”The number one factor driving those buying decisions, according to Corporate Visions research, is memory. “Although marketing touches a customer in one place, they make the decision to buy somewhere else, and at a later time,” says Dr. Carmen Simon, Chief Science Officer for Corporate Visions. “That means the messages, content, visuals, and stories your marketing team creates must be memorable enough to influence the buying decision at that critical moment.”

Notably, in addition to helping marketers develop more effective messages and assets for customer acquisition, the Memorable Marketing System also helps marketers craft materials to support customer expansion. “We know through our research that context matters. You can’t message the same way to existing customers that you do to prospects,” says Riesterer. “After completing this training, marketers will be better equipped to run renewal campaigns, design upsell cadences, and lead customer success initiatives.”

With the Memorable Marketing System, marketers learn how to guide prospects and existing customers through their buying decisions using scientifically tested message frameworks, content assets, visuals, and storytelling.

“We study our customers’ brains to understand the way they make decisions and incorporate our findings into all the work they do with us,” according to Dr. Simon. “That’s how we ensure messages are memorable and actionable in the future, where decisions happen.”

The Memorable Marketing System is grounded in Decision Science and focuses on the four key skills marketers must master to influence buying decisions. These skills comprise Memorable Messages, which is how to use situationally specific message frameworks designed and choreographed for maximum impact; Memorable Content, which is how to bring messages to life in presentations, landing pages, and other content assets; Memorable Visuals, which is how to create powerful, compelling designs that spark action; and Memorable Storytelling, which is how to build the best stories for memory, decision, and action.

Corporate Visions, Inc. is the leading provider of science-backed sales and marketing training and consulting services. The company has had an office at Hacienda since 2014. Global business-to-business companies work with Corporate Visions to articulate value in their customer conversations in three ways. Clients of Corporate Visions Make Value Situational by distinguishing between customer acquisition and customer expansion; Make Value Specific by aligning conversations with the Customer Deciding Journey; and Make Value Systematic by unifying Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success to speak in one voice.

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