OMRON is Global Leader in Robotics and Automation

OMRON Robotics and Safety Technologies, Inc., is a global leader in intelligent robotic systems. It offers the most advanced portfolio of traditional industrial robots, lightweight collaborative robots, and autonomous mobile robots on the market. In combination with its wide array of safety technologies, the company is uniquely positioned to revolutionize automation through the continuous advancement of interaction between human and machine.

The Bay Area is known for technology innovation but not necessarily known for robotics. OMRON is a notable exception. The company's pioneering expertise in robotics and safety technology enables manufacturers to operate with greater productivity and streamlined efficiency.

"OMRON is one of the leaders in industrial automation around the world," says Alex Dolan, Marketing Communications Manager. "Manufacturing is our sweet spot. We make the robots that make things."

The company produces three main families of robots. The first family is industrial or fixed robots that are fixed in place. The OMRON i4 next generation industrial robot, for example, possesses embedded artificial intelligence for predictive maintenance. This self-diagnosing robot detects and communicates when it needs repairs and routine maintenance.

The second family is mobile robots, which are used for material transport. The company's new LD-250 mobile robot, for example, has a 250-kilogram payload capacity and a spacious surface area. That allows it to transport large components such as automobile transmission blocks and voluminous packaging materials, objects traditionally moved by human workers using carts.

The third family is collaborative robots, which have sensors that make them safe for factory use among humans. Collaborative robots can be trained to perform a wide array of functions, increasing human productivity and helping with repetitive tasks. "We are pioneers in the field. We build real robots, not proofs of concept," says Dolan.

Since OMRON's establishment in 1933 as Tateisi Electric Manufacturing Co., the organization has supported the world with innovative solutions and advanced technologies. They include the world's first non-contact, solid-state switch, the world's first automated traffic signal, the world's first unmanned train station, and the world's first online automated cash dispenser.

Today those innovative technologies include mobile robots that can help companies resolve factory and warehouse logistical bottlenecks by working 24 hours a day reliably and safely in the same environment as people. OMRON offers customers everything they need in terms of industrial automation. Factories moving to automation can source a cutting-edge range of products, from individual components to end-to-end solutions.

OMRON Robotics and Safety Technologies is a division of OMRON Corporation, a global leader in industrial automation and components with over 40,000 employees in more than 150 locations throughout the world. The company's new space at Hacienda will initially be the workplace for an estimated 300 employees. "That number is expected to grow as we grow," notes Dolan. The corporation moved to Hacienda because, among other reasons, it needed more lab space for testing purposes. "The space at Hacienda, compared to what we had, is gigantic."

Each year in May, OMRON employees around the world celebrate the founding of the company by participating in volunteer events for OMRON's Founder's Week. As part of that celebration, OMRON has supported a variety of local organizations in the Tri-Valley area, including The Gardens at Heather Farms, Open Heart Kitchen, and Kids Against Hunger.

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