WORKTERRA Platform Chosen by Celeros Due to Rapid Deployment Capabilities

WORKTERRA, the easy-to-use cloud-based technology built to manage benefits challenges, announced a new partnership with Celeros Flow Technology (Celeros FT). Faced with the need to implement a benefits administration and enrollment solution quickly, Celeros FT promptly turned to WORKTERRA for support. WORKTERRA makes life simpler for HR leaders and teams through rapid deployment capabilities and allows for greater configurability to meet the unique needs of clients such as Celeros FT, even as they grow.

“WORKTERRA was responsive in working with us to establish a robust benefits administration and enrollment platform that matched or exceeded our previous experience. The implementation process was collaborative throughout and the customer service has been maintained at a high level since our partnership began,” says Adam Brainard, VP, Human Resources for Celeros FT.

“We are pleased to be able to provide WORKTERRA’s benefits administration and enrollment solution to Celeros Flow Technology,” says Dennis Plankar, President of WORKTERRA. “Celeros FT initially came to us with a short window to implement, and we were able to partner with their team to not only go live within that window, but also exceed all expectations along the way.”

WORKTERRA delivers the data and analytics HR leaders need to more confidently make strategic decisions while providing a user experience that makes life easier for HR and employees. Consumer-like functionality allows employees to easily compare and enroll in benefits, view and complete tasks, and upload required documents anytime, anywhere via mobile accessibility.

The needs of employers can be complex when it comes to employee benefit programs. The breadth of benefit programs, how employees enroll in them, and which type of employee is eligible for which type of benefit are only a few of the potential issues. As companies grow and develop operations at multiple locations throughout the United States, the complexity is multiplied. Pay rates vary, eligibility rules for benefits vary, and benefits from state to state often vary. Legacy rules often affect benefits as well, if a company has acquired other companies.

Such complexity demands an effective solution, which is why WORKTERRA provides a cloud-based technology built from the inside out to handle the most complex human capital management (HCM) challenges. The unified, elegant solution makes HCM easier, less confusing, and more efficient, no matter the size of the company. It is a super-easy-to-use, quickly implemented platform for the full employee lifecycle. Passionate about transforming the HCM experience, WORKTERRA has designed its solution set with a unique level of flexibility to continually incorporate new innovations.

WORKTERRA grew out of Employee Benefit Specialists, which was founded in 1987 to provide benefits administration, communications services, and top-rated benefit programs to business clients. In September 2016, WORKTERRA became a CareerBuilder company. More than 80 employees work at the WORKTERRA headquarters at Hacienda, where the company has been located since 2000.

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