Acosta Releases New Covid-19 Shopper Insights Report

Acosta is an integrated sales and marketing services provider that enables consumer packaged goods brands (CPG) and retailers to win in the modern marketplace by delivering progressive solutions and exceptional service. With more than 90 years of experience, Acosta understands evolving consumer needs and helps its clients and customers stay a step ahead, fueling their accelerated performance.

In August the company released its latest Covid-19 Shopper Insights report, Which Habits Are Sticking? The report examines pandemic-related shopping behaviors that are continuing to impact the CPG industry as Covid-19 evolves. According to Acosta’s research, about 45% of consumers have increased their online grocery shopping and reduced trips to traditional CPG channels since the pandemic began, indicating that convenience and safety remain important considerations for consumers.

“Covid-19 has significantly impacted consumer behavior and accelerated trends we were seeing prior to March 2020,” according to Colin Stewart, Executive Vice President, Business Intelligence at Acosta. “While many believe we’re headed towards normalcy, it is highly likely that certain pandemic-related shopping habits, particularly consumers’ reliance on eCommerce, are here to stay. Shoppers have become accustomed to ordering groceries online or through subscription services, with contact-free pickup or delivery options. As we move into a new phase of the pandemic, these grocery shopping channels will remain significant, as will consumers’ increasing focus on product availability, low prices and promotions, whether they are shopping in-store or online.”

Based on the report’s findings, about 45% of consumers increased their online grocery shopping during the pandemic. An estimated 40% of online shoppers are using online pickup and 46% are using online delivery more than they did before the pandemic. Of the online shoppers surveyed, 30% report shopping less at grocery stores than they were pre-pandemic, and 35% report shopping less at mass merchandise stores than they were pre-pandemic. The majority of shoppers place their online grocery orders on computers or tablets. Millennial and Gen Z shoppers are the most likely to use their phones for online grocery purchases (40%). Fifty-two percent of Gen Z and Millennial shoppers place their online grocery orders on a computer, while 40% use their phone. Sixty-six percent of Gen X shoppers place their online grocery orders on a computer, while 27% use their phone. Eighty percent of Boomer shoppers and older generations place their online grocery orders on a computer, while 13% use their phone.

Online shoppers across all generations report that home delivery is their online fulfillment method of choice. A large portion of Gen-Z and Millennial shoppers also value subscription services (40%). Forty-six percent of Gen Z and Millennial shoppers prefer home delivery; 40% prefer online subscriptions. Forty-three percent of Gen X shoppers prefer home delivery; 29% prefer curbside pickup. Forty-eight percent of Boomer shoppers and older generations prefer home delivery; 32% prefer curbside pickup. Of those surveyed, 45% prefer home delivery as their fulfillment method of choice, 28% prefer curbside pickup, and 17% will pick up inside the store. The report was gathered via online surveys using the company’s proprietary shopper community and conducted between July 1, 2021 and July 6, 2021.

Acosta was founded as a local agency in Jacksonville, Florida in 1927. In 2015, the company opened its Northern California office at Hacienda. The office houses over 100 associates and supports field representatives who provide services to retailers in the supermarket, natural, health and beauty care, pet, and convenience store channels.

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